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Complete the freelance project I’ve been hired for, creating a simple, effective logo for a private company.

Despite being an art major, I know next to nothing about design programs and am teaching myself along the way. 5 months ago

fierceunicornHope to Make it a Career

being a Graphic Designer sounds so much fun and is my dream job! 3 years ago

monica_24Hey all

Just wanted to drop in some advice if anyone wants it. If you want to learn design, I see it as two different pieces:

1. Design concepts
2. Mechanics

With design concepts, I’d start with color theory. Everything kind of unlocks from there. Study design principals, architecture, and the golden ratio and you’ll be good to go. Also, fashion magazines and websites like http://wired.com provide good inspiration.

With mechanics, that’s all about getting your software and actually putting stuff together. You’ll need GIMP (free) or better yet, the Photoshop/Illustrator combo. All the best designers are pros at Illustrator and everyone who designs uses either photoshop or GIMP.

good luck! 3 years ago

012781learn graphic design

i wanna learn graphic designing 4 years ago

rolanygrafic design

i wanna learn more about grafic design 5 years ago

IraReading through The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams (no, not THAT Robin Williams)

much recommended on Metafilter, and it’s an excellent book – don’t be put off by its awful cover! (I nearly was! You’d think a book that teaches design would look great…) I’m picking up some really simple design principles that have great impact on how a design looks – I now have a much better idea why my first website design looked so amateurish, and have good ideas as to how I can make it look the way I want it to – I’m no longer relying solely on trial and error. Highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the basics of design! :) 5 years ago


Just graduated a graphic design program actually. Not so hot with brochures and logos all the time…but 3-D and Photoshop are awesome…once you know what you’re doing you can do pretty much anything with these things! 5 years ago


re downloaded adobe cs.. my friend is gonna teach me so that i can rock as much as she does!! best thing is were doing it over voice chat so we are both on our own systems :) 5 years ago

JoannaLOVE IT!

This year I joined the Yearbook staff at my school. I was on staff for design. So much thought goes into each spread. It is such a problem solving job. Seriously, you must do it! Now, it does take a while to learn the software. We use InDesign and Photoshop. We work on PC’s and Mac’s. Personally, I prefer Mac’s, but some people prefer otherwise. This year, we used a variety of brushes, and our theme called for about 1 pika between each picture , all that were clumped together. We decided that this year, our book would be clean. Meaning = lots of white space and “Breathing room.” It gets the concept through to the viewer much nicer. REMEMBER people…Less is more when it comes to Graphic Design. 5 years ago


i have finally done a basic course in graphic designing and its so easy. now i can do so many things on my own instead of relying on other people.. 6 years ago

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