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objectninjaConcurrent programming

It’s always interesting to learn new paradigms, and Erlang is assurely one of those for me. I learned to design programs through processes which communicate through message passing. Also, there’s a Scheme port of this style which is Termite (gambit) 7 years ago

sigsegvsome nice features

Just got done with the “Getting Started With Erlang” tutorial. Erlangs language level support for message passing appears fairly straightforward to use (!, receive, after). My main concern is whether it can be hooked in with other communication protocols (e.g. xml, hessian, burlap) or are you bound to what erlang gives you. 8 years ago

sigsegv1 more for the road!

The last two nights I’ve been playing around with Erlang. I kinda of like it. The standard documentation supplied with erlang seems incredibly well written for a technical subject. The “Getting Started” guide got me picking up the language fairly quickly. I’m almost through the sequential programming chapter. Next is concurrent programming and I’m looking forward to that (I’ve cheated and looked ahead).
I must have reached some tipping point with functional programming languages. It’s getting easier and easier for me to pick them up. I keep seeing the same concepts repeated over and over again, albeit with dissimilar syntax and semantics. 8 years ago

Donimnot just for nordic phone switches

With all the buzz about parallel and distributed computing, between the continued rise of network apps, smart phones, and the move to multicore / cell processors even in plain ol’ desktops, this would not be a bad time to familiarize one’s self with a well proven language that is supposed to be good at that stuff. http://erlang.org 9 years ago

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