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try running again


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change everythingmy hips used to hurt!

I had entirely forgotten that until I read some old entries. Now, other parts of me hurt, for sure, but my hips have not really hurt at all since I started up again. I think the new shoes made a big difference (and of course, I’ll probably need to replace them by next summer…they’ll look fine but be all shocked out…that’s one thing I still don’t like).

I went again today, and it’s remarkably easier. I’ve been doing a good job incorporating it into my mornings, and at least right now, I’m enjoying it more than the gym. I like that it’s free, I like that it’s getting easier, I like that it’s been hot and I’m still doing it. So I guess I’m marking this as done. 4 years ago

change everythingNow I live by a lake

It it just the most convenient work out there is…even if I haven’t enjoyed it in the past. But I’m running twice a week with a friend of mine now, and that has made it much more enjoyable. Getting fitted for proper running shoes has helped as well.

We’ll see if I get out there this afternoon like I mean to. 4 years ago

change everythingthe plan:

I’m working up to 10 minute miles, two miles consecutively. It’s something I can do, but not super comfortably, and I want it to be something I can just whip out, easily. I’ve been working on it with my new running shoes, and my hips have not been hurting, which is awesome. This week, I only have one day that I have time to go the gym. I have time the other days for a short running work out, though, which is why I’m working this into my routine again. Once I feel comfortable doing this, I’ll mark this as done. 5 years ago

change everythingNew running shoes

Tonight’s plans were unexpectedly cancelled, so I took time to go to the running room that was recommended to me. He watched me walk and recommended a mid-stability shoe, as he saw that I was rolling my feet in as I walked (which probably puts the extra torque on my hips that makes them hurt so much).

He also recommended a shoe that was a 1/2 size LARGER than I have been wearing…I also picked up some thinning, wicking socks while I was there. I went for a short run tonight when I got home. It’s still hard…it always is at the beginning, and nothing really makes it better except keeping at it. You can’t prepare the beginning stages away any other way but running.

Still, I am looking forward to going out a few more times and seeing how the shoes and socks improve my experience. I needed new shoes for the gym anyway, even if I stick with the elliptical. The best part was that they accept old shoes and redistribute them to different local charities that want old shoes, so I was able to leave my old pair right there. I’m looking forward to dropping off a few more pair in the next few weeks when I go get some more wicking socks. 5 years ago

change everythingmy body is conspiring against me

It noticed me getting excited about running again and so decided to destroy it’s own clavicle today for no good reason.

I was honestly walking, just WALKING, when I felt it twinge. No carrying, no weird movement, nothing. It radiates over my shoulder and into my upper chest, now, so it hurts to breathe deeply, cough, sneeze, walk, or drive over manholes. This totally sucks. Derailed my normal plan to go to the gym this weekend and be hyper productive, too. 5 years ago

change everythinginspiration

I found an old Runner’s World at work today at a coworkers desk. It really resonated with me…there is a new “newbie” column that is laugh-out-loud funny to anyone who has ever run that doesn’t find it as enjoyable as perhaps those other runners that we see who seem to be having so much fun. It gave me the kick I need to investigate the running shoes, this weekend, hopefully. I’m afraid to try it on the road with my old shoes because I assume it will be so painful it will ruin the experience for me. I need new gym shoes anyway, even if I don’t end up running on a regular basis. But I have all these (romanticized, I’m sure) ideas of going for a quick run in the mornings on the days I can’t work out, running with friends when we can’t seem to find a time to fit in a coffee date, etc. 5 years ago

change everythingI've kept at it

Treadmill probably once a week. I like it because the time goes by quickly. I found out that a local running store gives a huge discount to people at my job, so I’m going to give them a call and see if that extends to me as well. If it does, I think I will see if I can get a fitting for shoes (something I’ve never done before). Hopefully that will make a big enough difference that running once a week is a reality as part of my exercise routine. 5 years ago

change everythingat the gym tonight

The ellipticals were taken (unless I wanted to be sandwiched by two older guys). I took a treadmill and walked 3 minutes, then ran 7, for 30 minutes. My hip hurt a few times, but overall I Was surprised at my stamina. I hope to run as my cardio at least once a week if things go ok. But I’d like to run a few more times before I cross this off.

It was actually a very pleasant surprise, my experience tonight :) 5 years ago

change everythingeven though I'm back having joined a gym

I still want to try this out, because I know it’s so important to have varied exercise to keep yourself from a plateau and from injury. I have lots of running friends and want to feel comfortable joining them for a short run should the opportunity present itself in the summer. So it’s staying on the list…maybe I can try a bit on the treadmill this weekend. 5 years ago

change everythingtold a friend

She invited me to run with her in the next few weeks. She has a part time schedule too, so we may try to have a regular running date during the week on my day off. 5 years ago

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