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charles akpoI like LADY GAGA

I am a fan of this STAR, she is very special and pretty, she looks great and she is a role model for all those who want to excel in music in this time of the GLORIOUS NEW WORLD ORDER. 13 months ago

charles akpoI want to become a professional HIP HOP singer

I sing four hours every day in a quite place in order to master the art of singing. I am also working on my financial ability in order to come out with a perfect album. 13 months ago

ColleteMurcedesLook at me now...

I want to be a professional singer. After 15 years of vocal training and music theory, there is nothing I am more passionate about in my life. I practice every day and I’m saving up the money to buy my own equipment to start making my own recordings to send out and post online. I use what I can for now which is my mic on my laptop. It’s not much, but big dreams start with small steps. 21 months ago

shristi15i want to be singer like shakira

I am from Nepal and here in Nepal there are no opportunities.I can sing well and even dance perfectif i will go and be in my country then i will just be a country singer as i want to be international singer. i hope someone will come and help me. 3 years ago

vianinhahXDit's just a dream :)

a dream i hope that comes true, because i just foccus on being better and better everytime :)

currently with a cold x(3 years ago

chelbi100Singing is my other half, its my life.

I want to be a singer like crazy. I run around my house (not literaly run) asking people like 50 times a day “hey can i sing you a song” Singing is like part of my life. Everything I do I have to sing cause it is to hard to stop. I even sing to my chores. My friends and family say I am a beautiful girl. and I have a wonderful voice. Literally Everything I do involves singing. My mom will ask me politly to stop singing then I wont listen to her then she has to kinda raise her voice to tell me to take a break. I just got out of spinal surgery I sang while I was in the hospial. I have strawberry blonde hair, I have blue eyes. I am 5’9. I am really skinny, i have abs almost. I love jogging I jog everyday. I love weightlifting. I stay after school to weightlift. I cheerlead for my school. well not right now cause of my spine surgery. If you want more information about me just ask I have to problem answering. 3 years ago

marilynnicolei want to be a singer

my voice is soprano but i have a range. i sing allll the time and me and my friend paige are singing in the talent show..we made auditions. im 12 years old almost 13. all my friends and family say i have a beautiful voice. i would do anything to become a singer. i practice singing all the time and sometimes its hard to stop! my friends say im really pretty which is also good for singing i have dirty blonde/light brown hair and brown eyes im 5’3 and skinny. so the bottom line is i really want a chance to show the world how i can sing and i would do anything to become a singer. i dont care about the money or anything like that i just love to sing and its my dream. please help make it come true. 4 years ago


I write my own songs And I sing them Im about over my stage fright So Im Alot closer to my dream ! It has taken me 2 years to get over my stage fright ! 4 years ago

dmorris2012Don't want to waste the God given talent!

I LOVE singing and am good at it. I have to make use of it. I want to share my talent and more importantly God’s Word. I’ve wanted to be a professional singer for so long. I still want to be a professional singer. It must be done! 4 years ago


i really love singing and expressing myself through music
i just need someone to hear me sing,i am looking for a producer but just can’t seem to find one.please i really want my dream to come true.i don’t care abouth the fame or money i just love music so much and i want everyone else to feel the same way 4 years ago

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