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It is very possible that while I am in clinical someone may code and their life may need saving. I hope to use my nursing skills to revive a person before I graduate. 7 months ago

Ayanadnb <3one step forward!

I signed up to become a bone marrow donor, and swabbed my mouth and sent it off to the national registry list – so that if I get called, I can save a life! 21 months ago

user17295I didnt realize

That I’ve saved so many peoples lives already my mother’s, cousin’s, family’s, Myself’s 2 years ago

LizabethADirect versus indirect life saving

I suppose I could call this goal “done” after being a lifeguard through high school and college. I’ve pulled a lot of non-swimming little kids out of pools and helped a few tired folks back to shore at the beach. But somehow that doesn’t feel like IT. I want to feel like I changed the course of someone’s life through my own devices – not just like I happened to be the hands on duty at the time, while any hands on duty would have performed the same task. For instance I’ve never had to administer cpr, or find a moment of bravery and strength that I wasn’t sure I possessed. I guess I want to feel like I did something that I wasn’t necessarily expected to do? Something like that.

Anyway, this evening I thought about it while looking over my 43 things list and I realized that while I might never happen upon an Outback customer choking on a hunk of steak, and while I might never push an old lady out from in front of a speeding car or other such heroic measures… I might still at some point step in at a critical moment in another’s life. (and yeah, I’m an organ donor, but what joy is there for this mortal being in that? I’m lights out before I get the slightest blink of self-satisfaction – call me shallow, hey…)

That whole lead-up is to say that my dad was misdiagnosed with leukemia last year. In the end it was determined he did not have leukemia, but for a few horrible weeks our family truly believed he had. And we struggled for something to do to feel helpful and useful. I guess that’s when I bookmarked the national marrow donor registry, because tonight as I was perusing my bookmarks and thinking about life, I happened upon it. Now apparently called “Be the Match”. A wee lightbulb went on over my head. If this is the closest I get to saving a life, so be it. Had my dad needed my marrow I’d have given it to him with absolute joy – just to know I was able to do something tangible to help him.

This is the same, pretty much. It’s someone’s dad, someone’s son or daughter or mother. Not to be preachy, but I feel like the universe (or higher whatever) handed back my Dad without too much fanfare (and he’s currently fishing -the picture of good health at age 78) – the least I can do to repay that is to perhaps pass on the gift.

All of this is to say that I joined the national bone marrow donor registry – or more accurately: I will join it once my cheek swab is mailed and mailed back con cells – and that feels maaaaybe one step above yanking a kid who didn’t really know how to swim out from under the diving board for the fifth time in an afternoon.

Here’s the link in case I inspire you to join the registry as well.

:) 2 years ago


Does pulling someone off the road when a car is coming count? 2 years ago


I updated my CPR certification last week. They’ve changed things since the last time. I like that we can just do compressions and don’t have to blow into people’s mouths anymore. I haven’t had to use it yet, but I’m glad I’m trained if I need to do it. 3 years ago

KaiLouxSaved a life...more than once.

My younger sisters have each been in near-death situations, and I saved the younger one twice, and the youngest one once…

As for my younger sister, the first opportunity came when I was six or seven and she was a little over a year old. I had a collection of the collectible Barbies, and I was straightening them up and taking care of them on my bed. She came toddling in, and lightning fast grabbed Prairie barbie’s rubber basket of apples. The apples spilled out, and she shoved the basket in her mouth, and started choking.

I called for my parents, but there was no time, so I started pounding her on the back, but it had lodged in her airway, cup facing in, and would not budge. Reaching in with my fingers, I was able to pry it free, and she started crying right when my parents came rushing in.

The second opportunity came when she was five or six (I would have been eleven or twelve). We were at a cousin’s pool party, and no lifeguards were on duty, so one of my aunts promised to watch the younger children while my dad talked with his younger brothers he hadn’t seen in a while.

I was with the “big kids” in the deep end, when mid-splash I knew I had to find my sister. It was seriously like a voice told me to. I looked toward the picnic tables, and saw that my aunt had all the kids…except my sister. I felt afraid, but tamped it down until I looked over to where my dad was talking with his brothers, and saw that she wasn’t with him either.

That’s when I really got scared. I swam to where she had been playing in the shallow end, but didn’t see her, so I went under, and that is when I saw her on the bottom of the pool. Right when I surfaced so I could get to her, her little hand broke the surface for a second. I scooped her up, and was climbing out of the pool with her when my dad and his siblings came rushing over and took her. She was fine, but it was a very close call.

The last opportunity came when my youngest sister was maybe one or two, I would have been thirteen or fourteen. She had gotten into my purse and taken my favorite candy at the time, a cinnamon disc the size of a peppermint. I didn’t realize this until she was choking. She was still small enough that I was able to do the do the “baby heimlich” on her, by tipping her forward with her chest resting my my left hand, and pounded her on the back untilt he disc went flying across the room.

I love my sisters :) 3 years ago

WeirdPixieSaving my grandma's life

Well, I can’t really tell you much, but if anyone ever chokes and you are the only person around, always remember to tell them to cough and to hit them on the back, this doesn’t count if they are already coughing then they are probably fine. You might be better checking out how to save someone’s life properly by looking on the internet or something instead of just taking my word for it. 3 years ago


i wnna do this. 3 years ago


i wnna do this. 3 years ago

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