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go back to russia

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Need to pack. 3 years ago


I’m here! work is starting! Moscow is incredible. So worth it. 3 years ago


i bought my ticket to Moscow yesterday, oh my God. leaving in early august. 3 years ago


looks like I might get to be a teacher! I had originally tried to be a teacher in the U.S., but I struggled to find a job that I wanted. Now if everything works out I will get to be an English teacher at a school in or around Moscow. I originally planned to be away for just a summer-time. Now it will be more like nine months, but that is probably the amount of time I require to attain the fluency that I want. 3 years ago


I’m planning on living in Russia for nine months! I’m going to work as an au pair or as an English language teacher. I’m definitely resolved to do this; I realized how badly I wanted to go back to Russia and become fluent when my grant didn’t work out. I’m prepping with Russian TV and reading Russian literature. 3 years ago


I didn’t get the CLS grant that I wanted. Looks like I’ll have to find another way. 4 years ago


I applied for a grant. I could go to Russia this summer if I receive the government money! fingers crossed. I’m already thinking about what I’ll do when I get there. 4 years ago


ok, so i go to russia every summer, but me and my family want to go permanently back in like 1 and a half years so yah…=D im really happy about that cuz we’ve already spent almost 6 years in america 7 years ago

geojoHopefully within the next two years...

I am planning that maybe this will work for next summer, but if not, definitely by 2008! 7 years ago


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