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SillybrryA step, perhaps...

I am reading “No Death, No Fear” by Thich Nhat Hanh, my favorite wise person in the world. As fear of death has always been one of the cornerstones of my psyche, I am hopeful that his incredible spiritual wisdom and insight may help me there.

I think that it will. I am not far into the book yet, but it is already calming me and reinforcing my sense of connection to everything, which I think is going to be instrumental in helping me conquer this particular fear. I think once I have this one figured out, the rest will fall into place rather well.

So I’m working on it. 7 years ago

lovelywithoutmewhy do i always end up like this?

today, just this one day, i promised myself i would not let my fears get to me/i would not over react.
of course the thoughts started coming and i started thinking of germs and disease and i started crying. i knew it was happening because i was so nervous- my body was acting different and jittery- mostly because i’m taking non-prescription sleeping pills and get many bad nights of sleep.
i know i am healthy though- i’ve gotten many tests and all my doctors say i’m fine i just never believe them when they say that three months is plenty of time to tell if there was something wrong with all the technology today.

i hate that i’m always like this. 7 years ago


you will always be scared. that’s what being human means. 7 years ago


i have to stop being scared all the time. it hinders me from doing things that i should be doing. it ruins my confidence too. 7 years ago

Trisha GiltenbothUntitled

i have to stop being scared of everything….cause it makes people mad at me 7 years ago

irish_ogilvieSomethings take time...

31OCT1997 I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I ended up in the wrong neighborhood, to make a long story short I was shot several times and almost beaten to death. After 16 hours on the operating table, four reconstructive surguries, and four months in a hospital. I left the hospital scared in more ways than one. I found myself afraid of everything, mainly among people. I could not go into public places nor could I have any kind of personal relationship with others. I lost my job, my friends, and almost my family just because I was always expecting the worst in every situation. One year later, I found another job with little public contact but still would not leave my home for anything other than work. Then one day something happened and I said I have had enough I was tired of losing everyone that meant something to me in my life. I put myself thru a major overhaul. Five years later with family support a whole lot of prayer and a few hundred blessings from above. With no help from medications nor therapy I was able to be human again. I remarried the mother of my children and now I work in public relations in a US Government Agency.

For many years I could not look people in the eye. I could not handle people raising thier voices nor loud noises. Seeing people large groups of people really bothered me too. I am to the point now that only loud noises and sometimes raised voices bother me. Maybe my skin has gotten thicker with age and time. Now I am happier and healthier than I was before the “accident.”

If I can do it, you can do it too… even if you have to have therapy and medication some people need a little more to get thru. But it is really worth it, there is someone out there that may be missing you. 8 years ago


Yay! I stopped being so scared! I realized that if I just stop thinking about it and just do whatever I was scared of doing, it turns out to be totally worth it every time, and eventually my confidence grows and I can do it without having the schisa(sp?) scared out of me. 8 years ago


It seems like everything I like to do, I’m scared of. I’m terrified of roller coasters and am always nervous before I get on a horse every week. It’s really aggravating. :[ 8 years ago

sweetx0xsingerrHalloween Hayride Is Tonight!!!!!

I am very scared of the Halloween Hayride that my family has every year. I can’t be part of the hayride because I know I couldn’t handle having a cart running over my toes or my feet. But I don’t want to ride it either! Could someone give me some tips in the next few hours so I won’t be the annual sock hop chicken like I was last year. And being a 70’s diva chicken would be worse.
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! 8 years ago


I did it! Now I don’t feel scared anymore. I had experienced a lot of trials/hardships in the past. With those, I felt stronger and more courageous to face any difficulty that come my way.

Nothing can scare me now haha (opps maybe this is just my way of giving myself a reassurance, bear with me) 8 years ago

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