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list 100 things that make me happy besides money

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16. suprise chocolate cake
17. speaking my mind
18. dr. bronner’s magic peppermint soap
19. a hot shower and shea butter lotion
20. reading philosophy of yoga 5 years ago


11. mint chocolate chip ice cream
12. going to a movie
13. walking on my treadmill to good music
14. new clothes
15. yoga 5 years ago


6. new friends
7. step brothers (the movie)
8. great 80’s songs
9. old friends
10. ideas and dreams 5 years ago


1. my mom and my family
2. my job
3. my apartment
4. willow
5. 43things 5 years ago

wannalala100 - thats a lot

okay here i start

1. food
2.memories ( some of them)
4.looking good
5.sleep (i need some)
6.talking to missed friends
8.doing a good speech
9.God ( most of the time lol i love you)
10.helping people that need it
11.happiness (there is a freebe)
12.inside jokes
13.stories 8 years ago


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