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NLMNLMRegistered tonight!

Signed up on the site and got my first address. I will be sending out my first post crossing postcard to Russia soon! 3 months ago


When we went to the Museum recently we picked up some nice postcards ready to start our Postcrossing.

We joined the site and wrote a little note on our postcards to 5 different people.

The places we wrote to were – Germany, Ukraine, Russia, USA and somewhere else I can’t remember. Anyway, we posted them today and we’re excited to get some in return and curious as to where they will be coming from. 5 months ago

Nattie P.almost done!

The first person recieved my postcard! I’m so happy! Now I’ll wait for any postcard from someone :) 10 months ago

StephenYou got mail!

I finally received my first card from postcrossing and now this goal is complete. My sender was from Wrocław, Poland and sent a beautiful picture of the Market Square. I already created a new goal and sending 20 postcards via postcrossing! If anyone reading this would like to exchange postcards, please send me your address via private message and I will be happy to send you a card from California. 2 years ago

Stephen7th postcard

This was the hardest postcard to send so far. 1st reason was because the person said that all postcards should be sent in an envelope and 2nd because he had listed women as his favorite postcard subject. So to meet the first request, I chose to send my postcard along with a Christmas card. To meet the 2nd request, I looked all over for pictures of girls at the beach, but realized that all the places I went to find cards had some religious connection. i.e. Olvera Street in downtown LA has many schoolkids visiting and is next to a church, and when I was in Utah, all the cards were scenic without any people in them at all.

Finally I visited Biola University, a christian school and finally found a postcard featuring women’s athletic teams. I hope my Spanish recipient will appreciate the hard work I did to find this card! 2 years ago

Stephen6th Card Out & 2 more reached their destination

Found out this morning that my 3rd (Russia) and 4th (Poland) sent cards were both received today.

Now I am sending out my 6th card to Croatia, but still haven’t received my 1st card back yet. 2 years ago

Stephen5th card out

My fifth card is going to Australia to a woman that loves American Soap Operas like Bold and the Beautiful, which is filmed in Hollywood at CBS Television Studios. So my picture is of Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory. For trivia, if you can see the red dot in my picture, that marks the former hospital where I was born. 2 years ago

Stephen4th Card Out

Sent another card out today to Poland, but I chose a really nice shot of the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River which happens to be on public land east of the Grand Canyon Park. It is just one of those jaw dropping sights in the world. 2 years ago

Stephen3rd Card Out

This card also from Zion National Park is going to a lady in Russia. Still didn’t get my first card received yet. 2 years ago

StephenReceived and favorited!

My first postcard to Kirsten in the Netherlands was received today! I found out through that the postmark had covered my postcrossing ID number, so I was told in the future to write it more than once on the card. Also someone in Lithuania marked my card a favorite!

Still have 2 cards to send out and waiting for my first card to arrive. Goal is almost complete! 2 years ago

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