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be the change i wish to see in the world


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You can not change anyone but yourself. Although you can set a positive example for others to follow. :) The most important people I wish to be a positive role model for are my little ones. I wish to be more active in teaching my children good habits, morals, and strong personal values.

I wish to do more, love more, teach more, learn more, help more, speak more, and simply be more. <3 2 years ago

Sandra1978Remember to Give

be kind to some one you don’t know for yours my be the only kindness that person receves. 4 years ago


Don’t expect someone else to achieve your desires; fucken do it yourself 6 years ago

DuckienzTransferred from Donate Blood EVERY three months

When I donated on Mon I saw a sign for a free first aid cert 2 months ago

So the following sun I went along to the free first aid course. Ir\t was great and I enjoyed myself so I am thinking about signing up as a first aider with St. John’s I will get to learn how to drive an ambulance and do all the medical stuff. yay


I have donated again 2 months ago

I donated on Mon. I am loving this. I have just moved into a new house and plan to be for a long time still to come. My details are all updated with NZ Blood Services so I shall have no issues keeping up with this goal. Go Me!!!

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beachbum12b Jun 26,08
My mom donates whenever she’s allowed (how ever often that is.) I, however, have a needle phobia & can’t. So thank you very much. I’m donating everything when I pass away, cause I figure the needles won’t freak me out then!

Well I was in the supermarket the other week and saw that they were in town THAT day 6 months ago

They were closing in a couple of hours so I thought I could go. Took my groceries home and still had an hour to get there. Then I realised that I had no gas in my car. I knew that I could walk there in time but it was the walking home that I was worried about. Also had a friend at my place. I am embarrased to say that I didn’t donate :(

Last week though a friend asked me for assistance taking a car down to Whanagrei. The next day she said that the blood people were in town, so we went and donated together.

Yay. Another 3 people that I have potentially saved by donating. I also left a comment card saying that I wasn’t to impressed with the fact that they hadn’t returned my email or updated my details!!! Hopefully that will be sorted.

Anyways the moral of the story is that although I am embarrased that I put off something that is one of my life goals (donate 4 times a year) I still did do it. Lucky that the universe stepped in and made me in the right place at the right time!!!


hmmm I left a message on the blood donation website a couple of months ago 7 months ago

and I haven’t heard anything back, or received my new card in the mail. NEED to get onto them again!!!


I think that I may have missed the donation last month. 10 months ago

I donated in July so i would have thought that they would have rung me by now. Oh shoot. My cellphone was stolen so they dont have a contact number for me. Normaly when I move I go through all my cards and ring the companies and give them my new addy. As my whole handbag was stolen I haven’t done that this time. Hmmmm writing on to do list as I type….


I am up to date so far 1 year ago

Since making this a goal I have donated. I am lucky that in NZ they have a register and phone me when i am due to donate. It makes lif so much easier. Seeing as I have a rare blood type I want to do this regularly!


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DuckienzTransferred from Spend a full year doing volunteer work

Ok I decided what my volunteer thing will be 2 months ago

I am going to Volunteer for St John’s. The ambulances in NZ get NO government funding at all yet provides such a vital service. I have been to a basic first aid course and a training evening. I will have to do an advanced first aid certificate and go on a few observation trips before deciding if this is something that I want to persue further. At this stage I am fairly confident that it is but we shall see…
Watch this space.

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I used to volunteer a lot. Whay don’t I do this as much any more? I tried volunteering at the local scrapbooking store but then they gave me products as a thank you. I guess it wouldn’t have counted anyways as they aren’t a non profit organisation. Hmmmm need to think more about this!

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glazecovered Apr 06,08
How about an animal shelter? Is there one around? It’s always a pleasure to volunteer for the good of animals, our silent friends.

I have decided that this doesn’t have to be consecutive
1 year ago

I will break it down into 365 Days. These dont have to be FULL days but I want to spend time helping others.

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naughtychimp Oct 05, 2007
This is a wonderful goal!!!
GOOD FOR YOU. It is amazing to me how many volunteer opportunities are available in different areas. I currently volunteer raising funds for and sitting on the board of an old-age home; I also foster feral cats who are taken off the city streets, spayed & neutered; I also raise money once/ year for the local ovarian cancer society and Alzheimer society. I know you will find all sorts of wonderful ways to make society a better place. This is great.

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DuckienzInfo from Goal to Commit acts of kindness

Ok so this IS a double up but as it fits into more than one goal I am going to count it ;) 1 month ago

I have been making sure the dishes are done and hot spots are tidied up even though I am at a friends place. I have plenty of time and nothing much to do. She has things that need to be done but little time. As a thank you for letting me stay I have been doing little things around the house that make a HUGE difference. Putting all the recycling in the recycling bin, putting a bag in the bin (this is one of Rach’s pet hates and it took me two mins!) washing clothes, emptying the cat litter tray, cleaning the catfood bowls and the icky space under it, cooking dinner etc. I have been doing these jobs in between doing fun things for myself such as visiting friends, watching DVD’s and of course the internet LOL. It makes me feel good and it will help her out a lot!

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ha ha a VERY random one 2 months ago

I had an email through a dating website that I am on from a guy in Ausralia. He is taking part in a photo/video clip scavenger hunt and needed some help with one of the NZ ones. He needs a woman in NZ to squash an apple or a potato on a NZ Newspaper with a pair of heels on. I then have to send him a series of photos or a video clip. I thought why not. Not only do I get to do something odd that I ahve never done before, he is up for some fantastic prizes. I got talking to him and one of his friends here in NZ and I really hit it off with the friend. Yay!

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Organised games for a kid’s party 9 months ago

My flatmate isn’t into organising games etc so for her daughter’s 7th bday today I organised some games for them to play. It was fun and they enjoyed it. I didn’t have to but it made some little kids happy. I then supervised them in the pool a couple of times. Small things for me but big things for the kids!

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My ex boyf has been feeling a little down lately 9 months ago

He loves Cherry Ripes but we cant get them very easily in NZ. My mum lives in Australia so I have asked her to post me some over for him to cheer him up. They are on there way now. YAY I know that he will REALLY appreciate this. So while I set mum back a few $ I know that Sam will be VERY grateful.

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I bumped into an old woman in town on Monday 9 months ago

My ex boyfriend Sam used to work with her Grandson Tim. This women, Helen is soooo old. I have met her several times through Tim but really got to know her when I started working at a souviner store in town. Helen has a lot of family overseas so for each of their birthdays she would buy them a present from my store. She is a lovely old thing and I miss her now that i no longer work there. SO I was planning on taking her out for a coffee and a chat as she doesn’t get to town much. Hoever I forgot to get her phone number. I went up to her on Mon in town, gave her a HUGE hug and a kiss and asked her out for coffee (or tea in my case, see completed goal re coffee!). She was sooooo excited to see me and she is really looking forward to meeting up. Yay. It has been raining this week so it will have to be next week but such a simple thing and it made BOTH of our days.


Ok I do things without realising but I have decided to take notice. 9 months ago

Last night I went to a dance party. I made an effort whilst waiting at the bar for water to compliment people. I got two weird looks and about 20 gorgeous smiles! I told 4 people that I loved their dance styles, I sincerly thanked the girls behind the bar for serving me water (normally it costs but they did it for free for me). When I was going home I looked for two guys that were going back to the same address as me but they were gone. When we were driving down the road I saw them so I got the driver to do a lap around the block and I went back to see if they wanted a ride home (they didn’t but i am glad I asked).

These were all things that I do without thinking. I am sure that if I thought about it I could do a LOT more. Need to start actively working on this goal.

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While I still do things I just haven’t noticed 9 months ago

Yesterday I bought my flatmates icecream (they are 6,9 & 14) hmmm I am sure that there was a lot more… I hope ?


Hmmm 1 year ago

Ok I have decided to write even little things. I guess any good in this world helps lift us. I looked after my brother this morning and let Mum sleep in for an hour and a half. I commented on a few postings and gave advice ( I got a thank you back from 2 people saying that it had helped them…) and I still say hello and give a big smile to everyone I see, even when I do get some funny looks lol. Although it is only 9.45am I still haven’t left the house yet. My goal today is to do 10 nice things for randoms… I will do it and let you’ll know later =)


I do things for other people all the time. 1 year ago

Does holding a door open for another person count? Or do these have to be bigger things? Hmmm maybe if I list the little things it will make me aware of the good that i do in this world and therefore how I am an inpact in changing the world to be a better place.

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Dizzy12345 Aug 28, 2007
Awesome – we need more people in the world like you! Small gestures like holding doors open totally count :)

Undercover_laura Aug 31, 2007
true, i always notice when random people hold doors open for me, and in return they get a smile. small gestures are the best as thats whn people realy feel cared about! it shouldnt build up to one big gesture.
cheers for acts of kindness! 6 years ago

DuckienzThis info is transferred directly from my previous goal to do things on

I saw this on Cloxx’s list and decided that I too could have set actions to do

Things I already do:
Participate on free rice,
Drink tap water,
I have reduced my showers from about 45 mins to less than 10 (some days it is 2mins others 8-9 depends on hair washing etc)
Decline plastic bags wherever possible,
Use energy saving bulbs,
Give blood,
Turn off the tap whilst you brushing your teeth (I use Neways toothpaste that doesn’t use water)
Don’t overfill my kettle,
Recycle my specs -ha ha specs? Glasses sent to third world country,
Use a biro from start to finish (I ALWAYS use my pens to the death, even then I struggle to throw them away, all those empty pen cases in our environment!!!)

Things I want to do:
Fit the rest of the house with energy saving bulbs,
Get in the habit of turning ALL appliances off at the mains,
Start eating at the table with flattie, friends etc,
Shop at the farmers market more often,
Use both sides of every piece of paper (hmm I NEED to watch my paper consumption),
Calculate my carbon footprint,
Buy a refillable pen and only use that,
Choose to do business with only ethical businesses,
Join the public library and use it on a regular basis,
OMG was it difficult to try and find my car’s effiecency!!!

BUt I am at nearly 7 tonne!!! NZ average is 7.8 and we need to get down to an average of 2 tonne.

Hmmm need to get cracking on this! 6 years ago

DuckienzBe the change I wish to see in the world

I see that many of my goals are related to changing the world one step at a time. So rather than have many such goals I decided to bring them all into this one goal.

The goals that I currently have that I am moving are as follows:

Do more of the things on ‘’
Commit acts of kindness
Spend a full year doing volunteer work
Donate blood EVERY three months

Then I will update here about ALL the things that I am doing to change the world one step at a time. 6 years ago


first step: what change do i wish to see in the world? 6 years ago

brownieblushbeauty standards.

i think that a HUGE problem that affects the entire world, is the beauty standards.
as technology increases, computers can generate more ‘perfect’ ppl. for ads; eyes are enlarged, lips blown up, breasts enhanced, and etc.
it is now IMPOSSIBLE for the real human person to look the way ppl do in magazines. yet we strive for it nonetheless.

a big way this is done is make-up.
ppl think that it is just a mere accessory, but it is so much more. the make-up industry is mooching money off of people’s insecurities. it is pathetic and extremely sad.

when you put on make-up, you lie to yourself and the world. because when you take it off at the end of the day and look at your washed out face….. you didn’t look like that when you went to work. to school. shopping. you really aren’t pretty, like you let everyone think with your mask. 6 years ago

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