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silvadreamerVou engravidar esse mês!!

no dia 25 vou fazer um exame para saber o dia da ovulação e então será feita uma nova inseminação no dia 27 , eu vou engravidar no dia 02/04/2014 e vou ter um filho lindo e saudável ainda esse ano!! Deus me ajude, que o universo conspire para que meu desejo se realize exatamente assim!! 3 weeks ago

Rachel StapletonA Life Changer

I always wanted children and this past January, my sweet and sour Luke came into this world on the fast track. I say sweet and sour for a reason. Any parent would be a liar if they said that screeching cry an infant can sometimes make doesn’t make them wish they had ear plugs. You know the cry. The one where their face turns deep red and it lasts so long, you wonder if they’re going to start breathing soon.

The sweetness overrides the sour by a long shot. He may only be two months old today, but his first smile threw me for a loop. His first true giggle was one of the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard and I was lucky enough to have it caught on camera, not just for my enjoyment, but also for his deployed father to see and hear.

He drives me crazy at times and when I’m at my most exhausted, he smiles right at me as if he knows that’s exactly what I needed. He’s my little love and I can’t wait for our adventures ahead. 1 month ago

maribear2nd Trimester!

We got to make the big announcement today! Everyone was really excited and supportive. I’ve been lucky that everything has gone so well so far. It still feels sort of unreal right now. We have another doctor’s appt next week. Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly – we’re excited to be first-time parents! 1 month ago

CassieI did it!

On December 9th, 2013 my sweet Hazel Amber was born. It only took me 27 years, 60 hours of both back labor and prodromal labor, and three pregnancies to get her but she was well worth the wait. I would post her picture but I have my reasons for not wanting my daughter’s picture posted on the internet. Just know that I am one proud mommy and would love to do this again! 3 months ago

nloudonPregnancy & bronchitis

So Christmas went well, did not let the news out of the bag yet, hoping to wait for second trimester, however at the family Christmas Eve get together, my husband’s Uncle showed up sick as a dog with Bronchitis, proceeded to golf in the freezing temps in the snow. And (Uncle’s) son was also just getting over bronchitis. I am so miserably sick as no one said anything until the uncle started coughing horribly. I thought he simply had a hangover (not the first). Then they took him to the emergency room. Now I’m sick, my insurance just switched and my previous doctor is no longer covered and we have a 5,000$ deductible. This month has been a nightmare outside of finding out we’re pregnant. I worked today but came home with a wracking cough and green/yellow/brown phlegm. Drinking tea, had soups, and am now waiting on my awesome husband to bring home a humidifier so I’m not so miserable. I would smile but it’ll just look like a cringe from all the pain. Hope someone somewhere is having a perfect pregnancy to compensate for my bronchitis ridden one. 3 months ago

RachaelDue date is the 5th of January

Although I’m looking more towards the 20th, as things will definitely be more likely to be happening/have happened by then :) Exciting and also rather scary! 3 months ago

nloudonPregnant and trying to enjoy it

I found out on the 5th I was pregnant, I wasn’t super excited, mostly because of fear, but this pregnancy feels different, one I’m exhausted all the time, two, I’m starting to have to wear maternity clothes and I’m still in early stages. But we have a new dilemma, our insurance changed on December 1st. So now my ob-gun and the birth center I had set up are no longer in network. I’m kinda bummed about it. Tried a hospital tour last night and wasn’t a big fan. It seemed (even my husband agreed) it was all about amenities, big TV, free Wifi, nursery, food vouchers, but not much emphasis at all about care or birth. I felt like going there I’d be another number. And 3 days coped up in a small hospital room is not my idea of a good way to spend time with a newborn. True if a complication came up it’d be one thing, but 3 days in a hospital with a healthy baby seems like a bit much to me. I’m hoping we figure something out and I hope this baby stays for the long haul as well. 4 months ago

purple_ladySo I went to the doc

a few weeks ago. According to him its all about the weight. Well this is nothing very new but I was really hoping for something to support my hormone balance or to possibly start a drug like clomid. But apparently if I lose 10 to 15% of my body weight my cycle has a strong chance of returning to normal. This is both good and bad I guess. its good because there is still a chance and no one is saying Im infertile. Bad in a way because losing weight has always been a struggle and I feel like Ive tried everything. But I have new motivation and Im so determined to drop the weight.
Ive lost 3kgs since then and Ive just started a new programme, so I really am going to give it my all… 4 months ago

purple_ladySo much has changed

since I last wrote on this goal.
I was diagnosed with severe PCOS. Started trying for a baby in october 2012.
Its been a year and I am going through a crazy mix of emotions, fear depresion, anger – sometimes hope and excitement. 2 questions I am trying so hard not to focus on, yet they creep into my thoughts so oftem
Why hasnt it happened for us yet?
What if it never does? 5 months ago


We had our son on August 24, 2012. He weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 20 inches long. He was born at 10:58 in the morning after 8 hours of active labour (though the day before, I experienced contractions from the afternoon until active labour started. But they were nothing. ha). The pregnancy was smooth, with no morning sickness, though I did have problems with my sciatic nerve and with heartburn.

Labour and delivery aren’t something I’d want to do every day, obviously, but really, it wasn’t so bad as so many people say it is. I thought it was an amazing experience, and I felt so strong and accomplished and amazing after he was born.

He is such a blessing to us – a busy, happy little guy who makes us laugh every day. What a gift. 5 months ago

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