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For once in my life, I would like to look truly beautiful- from the in- and the outside. I don’t mean to everyone but I would like just one person to honestly think that I am really beautiful just the way I am and tell me that. 22 months ago

Alana JenkinsI want to be noticed

Since I was 18 and coming into my own home, I have pigged out on junk food because I couldn’t be assed to do any cooking. Still I have those days.. then on and on from then I have been putting on weight and really would like to help myself overcomethis… I have tried Diets, and Gym, and going up and down like a yo yo.. I know that when you have lipo you shrink down a couple of dress sizes but.. you need to exercise as well. So I have bought a bike to help me on my way.. if you can or if anyone can help me with my lip procedure I am all up for it. Thanks, Alana – Mae Jenkins 3 years ago

mdd23Getting closer

Trying to look better. As I’ve become older I’ve began taking much more of an interest in my appearance, and try to look as nice as I can (Usually. I’ve taken More, – being the key word here – of an interest but I still am not as committed as I Should be. I have a few issues to work out first, but I’m trying.) 3 years ago


I feel like I can’t be beautiful when I’m just… me. I have to fix my hair and put mascara on and wear really stylish clothes…. I need to be beautiful! 4 years ago

sugarpinktayi want to look beautiful

hi im 13 and i feel ugly all the time , no matter how much makeup or new clothes i get i always feel uglier than the person standing next to me , i want it to change , forever 6 years ago

mdd23I for once in my life want to look and feel beautiful!

All of my life I have felt Ugly.
I also would like to lose weight and go to a spa or something.. wish me luck! :) 6 years ago


im getting alot more ompliments now. im starting to be prouda myself = peopel can tell. jsut keep telling yourself your beautiful and everything goes good from tehre [: 6 years ago


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