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jmbox80Learn Latvian

Spend 30 minutes each week studying Latvian grammar 3 years ago


I am half-Latvian and have always wanted to converse with my father’s side of the family. I only know the bare, bare basics. 4 years ago


finally started taking classes. finally there’s someone to teach Latvian in this part of the world. at the moment everything is quite a mess in my head, but i’m not giving up! :D 4 years ago


want to learn latvian. 4 years ago

Keoni JosephUntitled

My mother is Latvian and we were never taught it growing up. Her brother’s children, my cousins, all were taught the language growing up, and when we visit them, they speak it often. One of them has offered to help me with it. But I got a book/cd set that will help me also. I would like to eventually visit there and maybe buy a home/apartment. 5 years ago


Latvian sounds so fun! 5 years ago


My grandfather is originally Latvian though he was born in Lithuania where now I and my family live. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass his mother-tongue to my mother so I can’t speak Latvian as well. Now I’m trying to find the lost part of my family identity by learning this beautiful language. I’m very interested in Latvian culture and history too.
Learning Latvian isn’t hard for me so far as it’s is very similar to Lithuanian language. Sometimes it becomes a source of amusement for me, because there are a lot Latvian words which sound the same like in Lithuanian but the meaning is totally different. For example, “debess”(in Latvian)=sky, “debesis”(in Lithuanian)=”a cloud”, “smags”(Latvian)=”hard”, “smagus” (Lithuanian)-”fun”. “Bauda” means “a pleasure” in Latvian, while the same word in Lithuanian means “a penalty”. It’s amazing how two languages can be so close and so different at the same time. 5 years ago


It’s the secret, unknown part of my identity. My dad’s dad, who came here after WWII, died when my dad was 14, so he never knew much about Latvia or its language, and couldn’t pass anything on to me or my brother. I’ve got a few cousins over there still, why can’t I talk to them? I got a book from the library, though I need to get something that has the language pronounced. Maybe I’ll have more luck than I’m having with Spanish. 7 years ago


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