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I’m trying to be good by working hard today. From time to time however I find myself getting distracted—oh, look, a butterfly! ...Sorry, what was I saying? :^) 3 years ago


I don’t know why I put this on here. I’m always good, honest! ;o) 4 years ago

coolwhipkatei am always trying

i try to be a good girl. im a little spoiled and in a lot of ways i have no identity. i cant decide who i am. i want to fit in but i want to be different. i want to be natural but i really want purple hair. sometimes i feel like the people who know me are telling me who i am and trying to keep me in a little box. why cant i just be a person and tell them this is me, i change, i grow, and what is wrong with purple hair? 4 years ago

CUTYMEMOgood girl

a good girl in a good body 5 years ago

momentmebe always a good girl...it's not easy!

There are so many traps in the daily life and somehow we dont know that, do we?
Sometimes we do the wrong things just because we have nothing else to do…then we get trapped!
Be smart and do for myself a favour…thats my goal to be a pretty good girl! 6 years ago

MelsDinerI do try!

Idea is to be not pouty about stuff (even when PMSing lol), not let others’ mood pull me down, get my work done, take care of myself, and do my best to make him happy hehe… 8 years ago


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