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appreciate my parents

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Firdaus TarmiziSMART Goal:

Initiate 1 conversation (sms or phone call) per week (is that too low?)

Visit once every two weeks.

Gifts for their birthdays, mother’s / father’s day, etc.

Goal – Become a habit by June 2013 2 years ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyWay Too Long

This took me way too long to do. Had I appreciated my parents when I was younger, I doubt that I would’ve gone through all these hardships that I am and have gone through. Not that they were right on everything, but they were right on enough major things that it took me years to test and get wrong.

I’m now far too old to keep making mistakes due to being unwilling to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Even when they say something that I don’t like, I now take the time to listen and perhaps there is some validity in what they are saying. I’ve been doing a lot of reframing and changing my perspective. 2 years ago

visual_lifeSuggestion .

let’s make a weblog and locate photos of father and mother for this goal and write some beautiful sentences for them . 2 years ago

visual_lifeHow can we do it ?

Hi every body . please tell me how I can appreciate my parents ? 2 years ago


you should alway appreaciate your parrents..whether we like to admitt it or not but we probably would have to learn the hard way if they werent here! 3 years ago


I love my parents.They are very nice for us.They lookafter us from childhold to youngust,They are able to appreciate. 3 years ago


I love my parents especially my mum but lately I have noticed I tend to be really short tempered around her, finding faults and losing it even though I know whatever she does, she has my best interests at heart and truly loves me. So I am going to try and show my appreciation by taking her out to restaurants and maybe for a movie sometime. And just spend quality time with her. 3 years ago

BecauseIwanttoI really need to do this

I’m the eldest of four, and yet I seem to be the spoilt brat. Well, okay, fine, I AM the spoilt brat. Everything has to be done MY way or trouble is stirred… which is why I want to learn to appreciate my parents. I do respect them but there are times in which I slip up because I’m annoyed because they don’t do something the way I want them do it. I love my parents, I really do, but I hardly tell them.
I really want to appreciate my parents and let them know this. 3 years ago

EileenAppreciate my parents

There are times where we all find our parents naggy and annoying. But actually, I’m thankful that they are naggy, because this shows that they care.

My parents are the ones who support every decisions that I’ve made. As long as it is something that I want to pursue, they will always support the decisions that I’ve made.

They are the ones who provide me with education so that I can get a good job in the future.

They are the ones who teach me about life and how to love and respect myself

They are the ones who give their listening ear to hear me rumbles and always support me though sometimes it’s a one-sided story :P haha

They are the ones who never give me up when times get tough.

Though my parents hardly express their love to me, I understand that every single thing that they did is for our own good. As stated in this quote “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

True enough. My parents are the best! Of course, I am going to work hard and provide them with good life, because they deserve it! 3 years ago

Maja Amanda OlssonUntitled

For me it took a complete breakdown for me to realize how much my parents care about me and how much I love them. I hope they know that i care so much about them! 3 years ago

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