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SpatzDay ?

I’ve been loosing track of the time and didn’t keep you posted – so sorry.
We’ve been all over Kerry, driving the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle peninsula and seeing so many sights, it’s hard to keep count.
I hope a few photographs I took will turn out nice and I can share a few things afterwards with you! 8 months ago

SpatzDay 1

Here we are!
We visited Kilkenny and the Rock of Cashel.
Ireland is wonderfully beautiful and the people are so nice and friendly – and the food is lovely, too.
So far, it’s been a great start if we exclude the rental car that caused some hassle – but let’s hope that’s fixed.

We’re quite tired and there’s much
more to come tomorrow! 8 months ago

SpatzIreland? Ireland!

We made it! We’ll be coming to Ireland this summer!

We plan to go from Dublin and drive to Cork, Killarney and Limerick and back to Dublin.

And see the Ring of Kerry, the Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle, the Cliffs of Moher and so much more. And Dublin, of course.

It’s so exciting – I’ll have to reread a few of my favorite Irish books to start :-) 9 months ago

eclectic passionOk, so I visited Cobh, a small town near Cork in the Republic of Ireland

The weather was fantastic, there were nice souvenirs to buy at very low cost and the people seemed friendly. There were also quite a few street and pub musicians (love these!), brightly painted buildings and my father got to drink a pint of authentic Irish beer :) Total hot guys spotted: 1 (we were only there a few hours :P)

p.s. When we were leaving the port, my parents (and quite a few other people on board) were apparently surprised (I didn’t see them) by the crowds of people gathered around the portside seeing the boat off. It was only a few days ago that they discovered the reason why there were crowds was because the ship we were on was the biggest ship to have set sail from that port since the Titanic and Lusitania ships, both of which sank! So glad to have made it home in one piece, and glad I didn’t know that at the time as I’m pretty superstitious!

Hopefully one day I’ll go back and visit more of Ireland- but this was a great introduction :) 10 months ago

stephelyseVisit again I mean

I have been once before. A few years ago for a summer course I took on ancient celtic spirituality. It was amazing, but I would love to go back on my own terms and see all the things I want to see. 11 months ago

sun_goddess31Trip was amazing!!!

We spent 6 days here and visited Kilkenny, Blarney, Killarney, Ring of Kerry and Dublin. We were actually in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, which was a once in a lifetime experience. I am definitely glad we pinched our pennies for a year to make this trip a reality. 13 months ago

eclectic passionReally excited about going to Ireland now, even though it is only for the day

My ex was half Irish, and a few other guys I’ve had crushes on were Irish, so wondering if Irish guys in general are hot? lol. I love the olivey complexions and dark, almost black hair a lot of them seem to have…it’ll be interesting to people watch while I’m there :) I find it particularly exciting to go somewhere that isn’t that far from Britain (saying that, neither is Norway)yet is still somewhat ‘exotic’ and foreign…I’m unlikely to meet a guy in the few hours I’m there but I’ll keep hoping haha 13 months ago

eclectic passionWoo! :)

If all goes to plan, which it will hopefully, I’ll be going to Ireland for the day on June 3rd! We’re going to 6 different places in Norway and stopping in Cork (in the Republic of Ireland) on the way there. So excited!! :) I won’t mark this goal off as completed until I travel there…just in case (but hopefully nothing will go wrong.) 15 months ago

Well, that's OodNational Heritage Week

The goal is to encourage at least my dad to join me in Ireland in 2013 for National Heritage Week, August 15th – 27th. He hates to fly though, so it could be a tough sell. 16 months ago

sun_goddess31Trip has been fully paid for!!!

We have had a rough year fincially, but this week-long trip to Ireland next March was only going to cost us about $1,400 a piece including airfare, hotel, some meals and some sightseeing. I couldn’t pass up such a great deal, since I have been wanting to go to Ireland for quite some time. 17 months ago

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