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get better grades

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things are going well, but I have to miss school today. urgh 1 week ago


The only way i will make it to medical school! 3 weeks ago

WSY To learn English well

I am a senior high school student from china.My English is very poor and I must learn English well within a year,because I am going to the university entrance exam a year late. 4 weeks ago

bethcoutoSCHOOL IS #1

I stress out about school too much and i just dont focus or study and i give up so easily. I just need to remember the purpose of school and what a privilege it is! 3 months ago


I will get a 3.5 GPA. I will have to sacrifice sleep and most of all going out. I will go to office hours and ask for help. 11 months ago

Jennie LeeMy semester's almost over...

I know I will have an A in one class.
I have a B in a class I was set to have a C, but I made an amazing 91 on the final! I had a 79.5% before.
I was expecting 2 Bs in other classes that remain to be seen; however, I just missed turning in my final paper. That may be bad.

All in all, I did a lot better this semester! w00t! 11 months ago

Emily WengGrades...

I live in Taiwan right now and I just moved away from America. My chinese is horrible so it effects everything I do. I hope to improve my chinese and get good grades in Asia. 13 months ago

kemalin mcdonaldUntitled

this wil make my parents proud
and make me feel bettrer abuot my self 14 months ago

angelina40891Get Better Grades

I currently have about average grades, and I WANT TO GET BETTER! I know I can do this! Studying, doing homework, taking tests, and respecting the teacher are all essential elements to a good report card. I need to do this, so I might as well paste it down here to remind myself! 14 months ago


this is my entire college life and i neeed to study more and get things done with ym teachers and be more organized 16 months ago

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