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Memorize 100 digits of Pi

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Alexis Boyd-HollingUntitled

Ya! Im up to 43 digits! Only 67 to go!


I think this is right. Someone please tell me if i am wrong.

thanks! 3 years ago

zaychenokMemorizing Pi

An interesting way I found to memorize, that I haven’t really seen anywhere before is to visualize yourself typing out the numbers on a standard 3×3 keypad (or type them out numerous times), or write them down & re-write them down on paper. Both stimulate muscle memory, which retains informations better (usually) than normal memory. I can recite 100 digits without error, that i memorized four years ago. 3 years ago

XxRicaxX70 down, 30 to go!


It’s not perfect yet, but I’m getting there. 3 years ago

XxRicaxX35 down, 65 to go.

3.14159265358979323846264338327950288, bitches! :D 3 years ago


I love the number pi, and I love memorizing things.
so far I’ve memorized 29 digits. 5 years ago


I’ve memorized 162 digits of pi. I would have thought memorizing lots of numbers would be hard, it’s harder to believe how easy it is. I’m making a new more ambitious goal now. 6 years ago


I’ve got 102 digits in my short term memory. Didn’t take very long at all. Now the test will be to see if I can still recite them all a week from now. 6 years ago

GeekLord50Many digits- WOW

For all of you people who want to know the first 100 digits of pi, here you go (I know I cheated):


I will edit this to get the number higher (When I feel like it) 6 years ago


I (Think) I know the first 35 digits of pi without cheating. Can someone please tell me if I’m wrong? Here’s what I know:


PLEASE TELL ME IF I’M WRONG!!! 6 years ago

7182Here it is, right from my own head:


Checked, it’s correct. Done. 6 years ago

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