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I’ve been baaaaaaaaaaad…..... but… my goal is to officially lose weight and I think I can deal. With school so frequently and very little money and possibly a gym membership at the place near my school, I’m hoping to fit into that Dr. Dog shirt in no time :) 16 months ago

ohlordyNewly Vegan

My husband and I decided to take on a vegan diet at the end of December in 2011. We started with the dairy around mid-december and went completely vegan by December 30th. We have maintained ever since, but it’s been tough with our schedules. I think it will be easier once I graduate in 2 months and wont have any busy work with classes. So far, i’m loving every part of it. I dont want to ever go back to eating meat or animal products. Long Beach Vegan Eatery has made dining out still a tasty possibility for us. 2 years ago

brownsugarbear01Other Entry

What else can I say that hasn’t already been written about? 3 years ago

AsheLittle over two years.

It seems like longer. I don’t remember what animal tastes like. I never wanted to ask too much of myself, so I have eaten some things that contained milk products (candy, ranch dressing at restaurants, stuff like that.)
Sometimes I have conversations with people that make me want to say “screw it” and sometimes I have conversations with people that make me really proud of myself. There are ups and downs with everything.
Important thing is, when I go to bed at night, I know that I am doing something that I believe in, even if everyone else doesn’t agree. 3 years ago


Two weeks away from my 1 year anniversary!!! 5 years ago

breezygFor Me

DO it for the animals.
DO it for your health.
DO it for your friends.
DO it for the boys.
DO it for a better body.

DO it for the The World.

Jesus loves the little animals too.

Remember? 5 years ago


Almost 6 months!!

I went to my pediatrician yesterday for a yearly checkup and she said I was perfectly healthy, my blood tests came back “excellent”, and there are absolutely no signs of anemia! I managed to go without a multivitamin for a few months, and I’m still perfectly healthy. I am, however, returning to taking a multivitamin and mineral as well as a calcium/magnesium supplement. The calcium is especially important. 5 years ago


Almost 4 months now! yay! I just need to keep chugging along. 5 years ago

*Mama Bear*I guess

I can’t ‘stay vegan’ when I’ve been off track for so long…
So ‘Go vegan (again)’ is a more suitable goal.
Man… I’ve gone from extreme to extreme. From meat eater to ovo-lacto vegetarian, to the most extremist of all vegans… If I met now with ‘me from 3 years’ ago, I would get my ass kicked so bad!!

Now I’m sort of a ‘pescarian’... not out of choice, but out of convenience, and not too proud of it, really :( Just haven’t had the energy to take care of my dieting lifestyle.
Shame on me, really! I’m going against all my ethical beliefs, and there’s no excuse for that. 5 years ago

Lethe2779Going Strong.

I’ve been here for 2 years now so I’m pretty well adjusted.(even through a 2 week long winter of nothing but biscuits and fried rice.) It’s honestly been worth it._. 5 years ago

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