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be a good daughter

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i think i still haven’t reach my goal yet.
i can say i quarrel with my mom almost everyday. hm 2 years ago


I’m not saying this to sound like a conceited beeyotch but I honestly think Im a good daughter; I dont do any drugs or drink, i get good grades, I help others and do community service and all that great stuff. The only time my parents and I dont muss is when We dont understand stuff from eachothers p.o.v. 2 years ago

Queenbee689I dont know :/

theres times when my parents and I are homies but then again there are times when we fight like cats and dogs. I want to say Ive completed this goal but It still needs some work. 2 years ago

David BartholomewUntitled

^_~ 2 years ago


hi my name is nadiyah im 12 but my family doesn’t understand me being emo if you want to be my friend talk to my sis on facebook her name is kyauna bronni.and if you are my friend we can have alot of fun together.Just please make me your friend im all alone in this world 2 years ago


last night was terrible. i got lectured, thats never funn for anyone.
i also found out that i didnt get to go to the school of my choise because this boy i like was going to go there and now hes not. my parents are trying to keep us away but …i think he might be the one. 2 years ago

curlz_cranberriesbe a good daughter . . . . . :)

sounds funny for me.:D cos now only i set this goal. When my age is almost 23years old. I always want 2 be a good daughter as well as good human being. But now, i can see my goal clearer cos now i’m staying together with my parents and family. 2 years ago


im not very good. i get in trouble all the time, and fight with my parents.

any advice? 2 years ago

krizbizzIt's a process.

I’ll stop being so distant with my own family. How can i create meaningful relationships if I can’t even love my own? I want to cease on seeing myself as the victim. I am the master of my life, the captain of my soul.

People are not perfect. I am not perfect. They are committing mistakes. I am committing mistakes. I will let it all out. I will not hold back. I will try hard. Oh, Please this is of great significance. I will get angry. I will forgive. That easy. I won’t complicate things anymore. Not anymore.

I don’t want to regret things because of fear of something I don’t even have a clue. I am sensitive to this kind of things. But i will try hard not to be emotional driven anymore. I Love my family. I really love them. But I can’t express it. I don’t know how.

What to do?

  • Eliminate the hidden grudges, anger and hatred you have within you. Ask for answers that keeps on bugging your mind. Get angry. Accept it. Forgive.
  • Stop being on the internet
  • Help with the household chores.
  • Share stories. Open up. Talk.
  • Appreciate their efforts. ( Tell them you love them. If you’re brave ) 3 years ago


o 3 years ago

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