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Stacy TShoping in New York

I decided to take off a week before I was to be married instead of marrying a complete loser. I went to NY and had a blast spending the leftover 5 grand that never got spent on the wedding. Turns out it was a great decision, the guy I was to marry turned out to be abusive and a druggie. Go me! Now I have a memory of a wonderful trip. 3 years ago


yay and Im going there!!
Next week I’ll be in NYC and ofc I’ll buy some stuff there :D 3 years ago


that would be cool, or just going to newyork in general. ive never been there, and from what ive heard and seen it seems interesting. 5 years ago


Shopaholic Jr. Takes Manhattan
March 15-16
lol 7 years ago

tickettorideGOOD NEWS!

New York next Wednesday!
4 days :) 7 years ago


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