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swim in the Mediterranean

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I did this in Nice and it was nice. 22 months ago

Nil BökeI swim in Mediterranean

I live in Turkey,Istanbul and i went to Antalya last year.I swam in the Mediterranean. :) 1 year ago

OnTiptoeCote d'Azure

The very first ocean I ever dipped my toes into. What an awesome feeling!
You know what they say, “when in greece…” Well we were in southern france and many of the women on the beaches were topless. I decided to swim topless too. The feel of the water and wave was fantastic!
Definately, worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime! 7 years ago

~to the water~Greece

The warm waters of Rhodes were the best I have ever swam. Could easily see 10 meters down—clear waters. Plus it was a sheltered American guy’s first topless beach. Hello! 7 years ago


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