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kmom2468Filing for Benefits

Closing down this project. Slowly. Because that’s how the military rolls. 8 months ago

kmom2468Ending of an Era

Working on the final paperwork before our obligations to the Army have been fulfilled. Will certainly miss it, but looking forward to not being tied to it. 11 months ago

kmom2468Putting on an event for our unit

Will be fun, but it’s a lot of work. Everything is done by volunteers, so sometimes it’s difficult to get things done. Still, it will all work out. Trying to give it my best, but it’s difficult with also working full time. Someone who has more time needs to be in charge of this thing. Might be time for me to retire from the Army ;-) 2 years ago

kmom2468The never ending paperwork

There must be a place free of paperwork that all good military spouses go to be rewarded after filling out the tons and tons of forms that the government requires for everything military ;-) 2 years ago

kmom2468We lost one yesterday who served with my husband

A senseless random act of killing. Trying to support my husband and the others in our unit whose hearts are suffering. 2 years ago

kmom2468Only a few more years to go here

Pretty soon he will have his 20 and we’ll be done with the military. He did his share; I’m very proud of him. 2 years ago

kmom2468Ah, paperwork!

Gotta love the Army. Swear we did this already. Oh, yes, we did. Luckily, I kept all the stuff from the last time all in one place. A matter of just printing most of it out again… 3 years ago

kmom2468Getting ready for school

Army’s sending him somewhere to do something – always good to be learning something new. Got books for him to study, and getting everything ship shape so he can leave without woring about in the middle of winter. 3 years ago


Got his army greens together. Dining out. Formal army dinner. 3 years ago

kmom2468Keeping him motivated

He’s home from Afghanistan, but has several more years in the Army. Keeping him motivated to stay in shape while he is “vacationing.” Helped him order his ribbons for his uniform. 3 years ago

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