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Had an amazing time in Cardiff Wales. The country is so beautiful and despite what some people told me prior to going. The welsh people ARE very friendly, kind, and bubbly with a real love for life! :) 5 months ago

hennersMrA27th the date the time

Finally going on Sunday foor 2 nights much needed break. Going to the fantastic city of Cardiff. I am so excited never been to Wales before :) 6 months ago

hennersMrAWales here I come!!!!

Booking on the 17th for the 25th :) so excited :) can’t wait to see somewhere new, a change of scenery and a much needed break :) 6 months ago

Dawn TreaderMy new lover-girl...

...lives in Wales, so this is a weekly routine now. It looks like Conwy or Deganwy might become home over the next few years…
Apart from the need to be around ad about Manchester to earn any kind of decent living! 20 months ago

Karolina TennysonHomeland

I wish to visit the place that my father speaks of so fondly. It was his home as a child and my ancestral homeland along with Japan. 4 years ago


Wanted to go to Cardiff for 5 years. I will get there this year 4 years ago

RhoswenThe magic of Wales

I am very interested in the Celtic culture & history, that’s one of the reasons I would like to go to Wales. The other one is that I know that the nature is beautiful there. I am curious to hear Welsh spoken too. I’ve been to Scotland once and to Ireland several times, so it seems like Wales should be next on my list.

Perhaps I could take the ferry from Rosslare to Fishguard (Abergwaun) next time I am in Ireland. That way I could get a nice ferry trip too. I am not sure when this could happen – not so likely this year, but possibly in 2011. 4 years ago


i live in wales and its crap dont bother lol 5 years ago

GazeboGalMoved this to 43 Places

! 6 years ago


I took the train from London and we had an overnight stop at Bristol….for 4 hours. My 2 companions slept and I read a novel for class. It was a great adventure.

We spent the first day (arrived super early) in Cardiff, which I think was fun, but just perfect for a one day thing. Cardiff Castle is decently fun but I liked wandering the place.

We spent one and a half days in Pembroke – Trefin to be exact. We explored a bit of St. David’s, where we did a coastal walk, very fun (another friend had joined us by this time). The ice cream there is DELICIOUS and I tried Welsh Cawl.

The last day, I ordered pheasant meat, which was exciting, and someone else got rabbit meat (which I tried a bite of). Had ice cream again – was delicious. :D 6 years ago

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