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wear a skirt without underwear


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SavatoXNo Underwear!

(I am boy for those who keep asking)

I’ve gotten into the habit of crossdressing so one day I decide to wear my sister’s skirt, and I wasn’t wearing underwear. It felt awesome! I loved it so much, I went out dressed like that. Wearing a skirt without underwear for the first time! I felt like a girl! Sexy!
From that day forth, I’ve been going out in that outfit every day! People often called me the sexiest girl in the city! 3 years ago

elainexperiencemust do

i was curious on how it felt. I was in my school uniform and it was second period when i excused myself to go to the restroom. And took my panties off in the cubicle. I put my panty in my pocket and rushed back to the classroom. My skirt even went up as i went down the stairs :p it was a very refreshing. I did get wet at first, but it felt very sexy :p i told my boyfriend but he wouldn’t believe it, so i took him with me going home and went up to my room. I let his hands go up my skirt and let him touch it, he instantly got an erection :p it was very sexy. He even told me he wanted me to do it everyday. 3 years ago


I had washed all my panties and they were in the dryer. I got up for school and put a skirt on so I could run down to the basement and put panties on without having to take anything off. When I came down stairs Mom had breakfast ready. she made me stop and eat. The my older sisters boy friend called and said his car didn’t start and we would have to ride the bus to school. We had to hurry to get the bus. It was a cold winter day. I forgot about having to go to the basement to put panties on in all the rush to catch the bus. As soon as my butt hit the seat I knew. I would get in trouble if I got off the bus. I though I had a pair in my pe bag at school and would put them on when I got their. I forgot I had taken the bag home to wash pe clothes. I went all day without and started to like it. After school I had to go to friends house and we went to the mall. I didn’t get home until bed time that night. The next morning I still didn’t go the basement after panties and decited to try it with jeans. After that I went without a lot to school and places. It was not long until I stopped wearing them all together. 3 years ago

denvertooHaven't Worn Panties in Years

I stopped wearing jeans and pants when I was about 15, pannties when I was about 17. My mom, 2 sisters, and I all have very large labia (about 1 1/4”) and clits (3/4” normal, 1+” when aroused). It’s the big clitoris that causes the problems with panties and tight pants/jeans. The rubbing gives us involuntary orgasms. Our mom told us about this when we were young. She stopped wearing panties at about 15 (she never told her mother). I love the feeling of no panties. Our mom showed us how to shave our vulvas as soon as pubic hair started to grow. It lessens the arousal. I am 35 and have daughters 8 and 10. They have both gotten their periods and pubic hair. Their clits are not large enough to yet to be a problem. They love the look and feel of my bald vulva, so my 10 y o shaves. To be like mommy, they like to wear skirst without panties, too. Someday, it will not be a choice for them, too! 3 years ago


it is possible for a woman to wear a micro skirt pantyless and no panties. I do it all the time. But the way not to be seen is a lot harder. Unless you are comfortable with people seeing keep in mine you will also be bashed for it. But here are a few tips. One and this is a must, remove all genital hair. This is not an option it is a must. In a seated position without panties a visible pubis will appear as if you are wearing pantyhose until you open your legs. When standing remember when you are rising place your hand between your legs to avoid any oops moments. Now when in public be well aware of your surroundings. If you are in a mall and need to go to the second floor go out of your way to use a elevator in a dept store. Those elevators are enclosed unlike mall elevators that usually have glass from top to bottom. Avoid escalators. Next always turn around and face people. This will help avoid men coming up behind you with camera phones. If you are in a restaurant sit in locations out of peoples view or at a table facing away. Though I am sure you are a clean person not everyone wants to see your vagina. Tables with large table cloths help a lot. Last, invest in a full length coat. On windy and cold days a full length coat helps a lot from wind lifting your skirt. I prefer ankle length for myself. Thigh highs and garters do add a more attractive appearence. But keep in mind that you cant always cover yourself 100% of the time. So if you get caught dont get upset. Your a big girl and no one put a gun to your head and said you had to go pantyless. Just accept it and move on. And always carry a can of mace with you just in case you get approached and are in a position were the person makes you uncomfortable. A girl with a dress up moves faster than a man with his pants down. So if push comes to shove kick the perpretrator as hard as you can. But again, you are a big girl you have to accept the risks. I have never been assualted thank gawd, but I have been in a spot were I was not comfortable and you need to be firm 3 years ago

toni86i love going without knickers

my first memory was when i was about 6 years old wearing my favourite red pleated skirt and one day i was climbing inside a hedge and ripped them so took them off and weekends i always went without.walking with dad, cycling one knew and no one cared.

my next memory was my first boyfriend and wearing a thin ankle skirt and taking my panties off at lunchtime and giving them to him as we worked in the same building.

i often go out for a walk or shopping or the pub and its my little secret, it makes me feel randy and makes me act so much more carefully and feminine! i love it.i do it to please me.i have trimmed my fur so that i feel extra naughty.if my knees are together no one can see anything and a girl cant get done for indecent exposure anyway…i dont think!!? 3 years ago

Willow Elisa EowinGREAT!!! But be sensible

I was probably 18 when I first tried: I was at work and wearing a long skirt I removed my knickers for about 20 minutes.
I do it a few times a month now but I don’t wear mini skirts (just above the knee only), I don’t sit open legs, if I have to pick up something from the floor I bent my knees…
I love going out with friends and them not knowing I’m not wearing underwear under my skirt! I wouldn’t mind sharing my secret with my girlfriends but they are just too conventional.
My next goal: Stop wearing underwear for 1 week 4 years ago

katrinasi wore a skirt without underwear

it took just one day i simply wore a skirt without a underwear my boyfriend told i could never do that in public 4 years ago


how to do sex tell 4 years ago

airforcegirlMy experience

I started going comando while flying in the Air Force. The flight suits are form fitted and I hated the panty lines. So I would place a thin feminine pad inside the suite and a felt vey comfortable and sexy the flight crew had no idea. I went without under my uniform skirt as well it’s very freeing and exiting. The only things in my closet are skirts and dress’s and some shorts. I love going without and I am very careful exiting a car although I have flashed a few men accidently. In my purse I take along some hygiene wipes for freshness. My bf started going without too. 4 years ago

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