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please read the book ‘the power is within you’ by Louise L. Hay . She makes you feel amzing and realize things you thought you could never feel! 3 years ago

yellow_ribboni want to feel as pretty as i look

im always downing myself..i look into a mirror and instantly say
uhhh im not pretty ..or im not as pretty as her ..ill never get a boyfriend b/c im not cute enough for him , and i just look at myself w/ disgust sometimes…i feel everything a/b me is all wrong…my legs are too skinny…my hair is not the lenght i desire..and i don’t have a perfect figure..so i think im ugly…huh i really want to stop feeling this way..so many people have told my i was pretty but i just don’t feel as prety as they say i am 5 years ago


on a different level 5 years ago

Florence D.bad, bad me...

all through life, i’ve had real low self-esteem…
even now, my sous chef at work will lecture me about needing more faith in myself…
doesn’t help when i’m in a stupid looking cook uniform that looks huge on me…

my main picture was completed with a lot of photoshop editing, for my skin is far from perfect, and i deal with acne a lot, trying different techniques as to rid of it…
the fight always continues.

not looking for pitty… i’m just happy i’m not the only one with this desire… 7 years ago

AliciaA lovely person on 43t managed to help me with this...

Artemis…thank you =]
Made me feel good just when I needed a pick me up.

I can’t quite say I feel beautiful but I’m starting to appreciate myself a bit more =] 7 years ago


Even if I don’t look any different I want to feel it. I spend to much time looking in the mirror criticising myself. Maybe I can change, get more confident…then other people might believe it! 7 years ago


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