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live without the internet

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xxxpeach_girlxxxNo computer = no choice

I still use the internet a lot but for useful reasons, my attitude has changed a lot over the years. Now id rather go out then sit online. I dont tend to bother with msn at all but i guess i still check my emails everyday 4 years ago


i used to come online to look things up like recipes, the news, email people.. i’d just come on because i needed to. now i sit and stare at the google page, trying to think of things to look up. like i don’t have something better to be doing. 4 years ago

marrittaOut of control

I wont say completely live without it but there definately needs to be days that I am not on. I need to give myself daily time limits or on certain days I’m not allowed to be online. Right now there are no rules for me and I am out of control. 7 years ago

H8erInternet Fiend

Yup. The problem with the internet is that there’s always something to do and learn- but that is 10X more true in the “outside world”. It’s taken me forever to come to that realization, but now that I understand, I think I’ll have a healthier life. So I encourage all of you to join me in my one-week ban of the internet! Starting on Monday, ending on Saturday morning. Wish me luck! 7 years ago

Duncan McBaineUntitled

The internet is an oustanding resource and I can’t imagine my life without it. Having lived without Internet and been on it since its popular inception it is difficult to consider living without it. However, as with all things moderation is the key. Some times you just need to “unplug” and go outside and enjoy the other wonderful anemities live has to offer. One good thing is to use the net as your tool to obtain friends to plan outside events. Or find things that you want to do in your local area (local.google.com). Find the balance :) 7 years ago

Luca MastersWe did.

I had to do this for the first eleven years of my life. If the Internet wasn’t a boon, I wouldn’t be using it. 7 years ago


I go on way too much. I think it’s my lack of social life so I need to substitute it with the internet. :( I’ll keep you posted. 7 years ago


i LIVE on the interent… its awful!
i wish i could jsut get on with something else, but how i see it ide only be doing something else like watching t.v but im so addicted i don;t do the other things i need to do 8 years ago


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