for this wed. coming up i want to do my best in my training police program so i can get ranked higher in class

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we had training today to see if we got the rank we signed up for. we all did a good job in the training. i feel good about it though because for the obstucle me and my partner got the fastest time but that doesnt matter because we all are a team and we all did good. but i have a breathing disorder and that killed me so bad. i felt like dying.when it came to the 1 and 1/2 mile i pushed myself when i shouldnt have and got dizzy couldnt jog straight and almost passed out but i couldnt because i would have failed then i felt like i died after we got done with it all i couldnt even breath without my heart hurting like it was going to pop out. but im proud of myself that i got it done and proud for my teammates who got it done and all that tried their best 4 years ago


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