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See Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

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They took a book with no discernible plot and many interesting characters and added an exciting story to it. It was very visual, and I’m glad I watched in on a large TV. I’m sorry that I missed the chance to see it in 3-D. 3 years ago

D. W.netflix is a wonderful thing

I have one movie in my queue between me and this movie. Sooo excited. 3 years ago

Amy JPlanning to see it this weekend..

There’s a movie theatre in the area that is playing this and tickets are going to be pretty cheap. Sometime between Friday and Sunday will be the day.. Looking forward to it! 3 years ago


Well maybe I expected a little more, but still worth seeing. Especially the imax 3D. The movie would have been an hour longer if it were up to me. Loved all the little details, like the heart shaped chains on the prisoners. 4 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperFrabjous! Frabjous! Frabjous!

We loved it. We picked up tickets to the 3D show at the Colossus 2 hours early (a good thing, since after returning from a bite they were sold out), collected our glasses and managed to find great seats. It was Markus’ first 3D movie, and he was thoroughly impressed.

I thought it was wondrous & got sucked right in, like I was having a dream. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen/3D. And now I hear Burton is working on a 3D, stop-motion animated film version of The Addams Family. Sigh. 4 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperI'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.

Things (stars and rabbit holes) have finally lined up! We’re going tonight… 4 years ago

AshDown with the bloody big head

It seems as though Hollywood has lost some of its talent, what with all of the remakes they have in the works, or have already done. But this movie rises above all of those talentless charades.
We went to see it on Saturday, then once more last night. I love Tim Burton, and I love Alice In Wonderland. It was spectacular. I had chills, tears and a yearning for my own private underland. And I only saw it in 2D.

Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
4 years ago

FirefliedAlice in Underland

I loved it! I should have been doing homework, but this was the date I set to go see it and I stuck to it. I’m glad I did! It was a great break and I feel inspired. 4 years ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

Saw it last night, was good, original and imaginative. 4 years ago

DooffodilAlice in Wonderland

In the darkly lit cinema, I was immediately entranced once the movie began. Wonderland was so surreal. (Amazing graphics!)

My own two feet was positively compelled to step into this vibrant world filled with such whimsy and magical talking creatures, despite it also being home to the menacing Jabberwocky.

The only question stirring my mind when I left the theater was: ‘When can I watch it again?’4 years ago

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