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I am off work for the next three nights. I’m going to ask this dude to go out with me one of those nights. It seems to be the only way I can fathom getting over that other dude – attempt to move on.

I’ve been back home for a few days but have been working the whole time. Still trying to get my life unpacked and back in order. My apartment is a mess.

Don’t have much else to say at the moment. 1 month ago


Every time I think I’m getting over it I get sucked back in. I’m getting my hopes up again, I can’t help it. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now. Sigh.

Going back home tonight. It will be nice to feel grounded again. It’s going to be a rather hectic day – cleaning up the house and then dragging all my stuff and my cat back to my apartment. I’m also working a graveyard. I should probably try and sleep at some point, but I already know it’s going to be difficult. 1 month ago


Failing miserably with this, but now it’s one of my Health Month goals so I need to get going.

I’m right smack in the middle of my “weekend” (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) and I feel like I’m wasting it again. I’m house-sitting for my parents, which means I’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere unless I want to drive somewhere. I hate driving. I should be catching up on my reading but instead I’m sitting here watching bad TV and playing on the internet – being out of my element makes me lazy. Access to a TV makes me lazy. Can’t wait to get home and get back to a more productive schedule. 1 month ago


I used this day as my last “lazy day” before the new year starts and I have to get my shit together. Caught up on a bunch of TV to get it out of my system, because ditching out on that is one of my resolutions. I did get out of the house for a bit though – went grocery shopping and then sat on the pier for a bit. Sometimes when I go over that way I hope I’ll run into him and sometimes I hide so I definitely won’t. This time I was hiding.

My monthly lists and plans and goals and resolutions are all set for tomorrow. I didn’t go out tonight for a couple of reasons: 1 – I am rather depressed and didn’t really want to expose my friends to my misery. 2 – I’d like to start the new year off feeling healthy and un-hungover. 3 – I was afraid I’d run into him, or worse, him and his girlfriend. I’d pummel her, I know it.

I hope tomorrow is better. It’s a reset, a brand new everything. 2014, PLEASE BE GOOD TO ME3 months ago


I’m going to summarize my days on here for awhile. I’m hoping that having to write out what I did (or did not) do each day will help me to be more productive. I’m hoping it will get me off my ass. Accountability, blah blah blah. I’ll start tomorrow. 3 months ago

Kayla ChristineUntitled

I changed keeping a diary to keeping a prayer journal, but it’s the same idea, so I am checking this one off :) 3 years ago


i want to do this but just for myself not to advertise myself because i am a person f myself not for anyone else to know but to figure out. 3 years ago

butterflygirl21Diary Entry

I have been keeping a diary for the last 5 years. I love it, I write in it everyday. I write down my experience, I write down what I’ve done and if anything has changed. I started writing a diary when I felt like there was no one there for me. I must admit that keeping a diary has helped a whole lot. 3 years ago

Ahmad Aslam26th NOV 2010

It was friday , on dat day i was bit late for school. Today my mood was to show some attitude n b serious throughout the day becaz last night i was planing for sucide due to disturbance abt something n i kept listening a song 50-60 times.in 1st three periods i was efficient but after that i started to answer ma frndz n changed mine serious mind 2 bit non moody.
i was also late 4 jumma … i gone 2 twition POMY nme gave test of math we also cheated abit . all students were gone v both gave test till 6 n also shared som ov our secrets while coming back to home .. v planed 2 eat something as it was friday..v found nothing to eat accept hotdoogs but i didnt becaz that was already present at home .. after that when i refused to eat anything with pomy i afterwards felt that i should offer him atleast hot dogs n then i went 2 waleed shouse in way a got bit scratch on mywrite feet due to aclose danger cut on bike. he was not at home i came back to home n as i came waleed came n v started using F-B n then v showed each other our new added g-f;s then v both also gone to eat hotdogs togather v eat them every friday sepacially waleed n me.. now im sitting at home n b4 writing this i chated with waleed n listened a song (SHOW ME THE MEANINING) many times my mood was again sad but now my mood is to study till late becaz there;s a full book test of bio on monday n i m bit eworied..!!!!! 3 years ago

joshanneMy Daily life diary...

I want to share all things about my personal life here….
My happiness, sufferings, failures, disappointments, heartaches, loneliness, frustrations and all the words that I could not say to all the people who are dear to me… whose so near yet so far from me…. 3 years ago

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