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Warren WilkinsonI made a hard cheese.

It takes a really long time, so I probably won’t do this regularly. 21 months ago

opheliasrosesI made cheese. Lots of it.

Making cheese is boring and expensive to get into at first (at least if you make hard cheese) but it was totally worth it. I made some of the best cheese I have ever eaten and if I didn’t have a job I would SO do it more often! 2 years ago


I made my own cheese recipe. So… here is my recipe at my website:
www.CheeseWaz.yolasite.com 3 years ago


Made some paneer to go in my sag :) Boiled milk, separated whey, kneaded with flour, refrigerated = cheese. Fried it up, put it in the spinach. Yum!!! 3 years ago

katie_marieFound a recipe


Now I just have to make it. Yum! 3 years ago


I made mozzarella for caprese salad for company. I must’ve kneaded it too much or something because it was tougher than fresh mozzarella. It was more like regular mozzarella. Still yummy, though. And surprisingly easy! 3 years ago


For my birthday I was given a kit on making cheese. While I’m not crazy about cheese, my mom is and it would be great to make it for or with her by or around her birthday in June. 4 years ago


is easy! I made some paneer today for a curry tonight. It turned out really well and everybody liked it. It was super easy: I just boiled some milk, then gradually added 1/4 cup lemon juice until the milk started curdling. I brought it back to a boil, let it boil for 1 minute, and then I poured it into a colander lined with muslin. After it cooled, I wrapped it in clean muslin, put a heavy iron skillet on top of it, and let it set for an hour. Then I cut it into cubes and added it to a curry. It was so good! My only complaint is that 1/2 a gallon of milk sure didn’t make much paneer. But I’ll definitely do this again! 4 years ago

SallyKittMade my first batch of mozzarella!

Also learned how to spell mozzarella once and for all!

This was so much fun. The kit I received for Christmas, which came from New England Cheesemaking Supplies made it really pretty simple. Good clear directions.

I’m serving it marinated in good olive oil, parsley, garlic and basil for New Year’s Eve dinner. Can’t wait for my guests to try it!

I wrote all about it on my Blog and there are pictures there, too. 4 years ago

SallyKittToday just may be the day

Mozzarella! Goat milk or cow milk? Hmmm! 4 years ago

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