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strength training

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NhojI have to go easy on this one

because I’m a middle aged guy. My Dad injured his shoulder pretty much permanently by overdoing strength training in his 60s. I’m only in my 40s, but I still need to be careful. Maxing out at 80% should do the trick. I just want to maintain my strength as I age, and reach the best shape I can realistically maintain for the long term. 22 months ago


I won’t be going to the gym this week! Long story short: Crazy. $10 a day it is for me. 7 years ago

Jocelyn_I will go to the gym this week

Just once. To get back into it. I worked out really hard last year, and did really well. I haven’t been back since Christmas and my energy level is pitiful these days.

So I will go to the gym, once. On Wednesday. Or I’ll put myself on my dreaded $10/day budget. 7 years ago


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