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learn more about different cultures and religions

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IvymereThis song is evocative of this goal

More like a commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIoBXdQX_wY

It’s cute and short – and it’s about loving the world! :D 6 years ago

IvymereI've always been

fascinated with cultures and religions – as my own personal interest. I’ve never actually done academic pursuit of this study although I’ve taken an introductory religion class. Fascinating!

I recently moved to a new city and live in a “dorm-like” hostel that houses many international students/interns! It’s good in the way that it allows me to meet people from around the world, mostly from Asia or Europe but there are some from South America. I’ve met some great Brazilians here and have slowly been learning about Brazil through their comparisons and what they really miss about their home. I’ve also gotten to know some cool Korean girls and I’m going to get them to teach me to cook some Korean food! :D It’ll be exciting! 6 years ago

Beckiboo2Not sure which ones yet...

But oriental customs amaze me. So maybe I’ll start with Chinese. 7 years ago


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