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funkyjazzmonkeyAyiti - Land of Mountains

We would spend about a month at a time. We went once the summer I turned six, then three years in a row when I was around 14. We stayed near the coast, away from the noise of the capital. It was great; got a break from pollution, from the noise and bustle of the states, even a break from English!

Then a long hiatus of 9 nine years, due to lack of money here and political craziness over there. Then, last December I got to go again, this time for a week in the capital. Probably spoke more French in that week than in a year of college-level French. And I had forgotten just how mountainous the country is – I don’t think there is anywhere in Haiti you can be and not see mountains. It was wonderful. 5 years ago


I used to go there often when I was younger. Then my dad wouldn’t go as often. Then things got really bad down there so he just put it as an option to do when he was dead. But I’m hoping to go to see my aunt on my moms side and my dad family. I do miss these people. 10 years seems a bit too long. Plus theres some food there I’m DYING to eat again. lol 5 years ago


Our favorite place in Haiti was in the Hammock 6 years ago


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