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take a picture every day for one year

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Dalektableone more time, with feeling. day 1: 8/31

Time for me to try this once more. Tonight is a night for drinking many beers and watching supernatural. 19 months ago

Dalektableback from my hiatus. day one, take 2. 7/2

Livin’ the cafe life. 21 months ago

Dalektableday three 5/16

Bookbclub meeting today :) 23 months ago

Dalektableday two 5/15

Didn’t have work today so after my work out with feral I did nothing but lay around watching supernatural and read my trashy paranomal romance book for book club. I also wanted to mess around with some of the effects on this camera. 23 months ago

DalektableNumber one 5/14

Starting this project today and kicking it off with a good old fashioned self portrait. This is me. No effects, no make up (except some leftover eyeliner from the day), and slight sunburn. I look a little cross eyed for some reason. 23 months ago


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