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not be sad

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How should I kill myself? I’ve tried several times, each time has failed. No more pain, please. 7 years ago

laweeezand I hope to do it

every time I get sad.

Found a better way of inspiring myself. Goal change time. 8 years ago

laweeezI didn't give any

indication of time. Crossed off for now…

ducks8 years ago

laweeezI thought

it might make me sad spending new year ‘alone’. But it didn’t. It’s a lovely time to get reaquainted with self. 8 years ago

laweeezI should

probably change this to “not be bored”. They are sometimes almost synonymous. How I hate being bored. Sad. Empty. Someone, somewhere, take my mind off of self-examination…

There are loads of things I could be doing.
But buying shoes or doing ironing doesn’t give me the rush I seek. Sometimes I would like to be asked a Really Good Question. Preferably a question that would keep me seeking forever (and you’re not allowed ‘does god exist’ cos I’ve done that one)!. No I’m not sad. I’m bored. And the latter is preferable. 8 years ago


so much about sadness and I still don’t get it. Honestly, if the word didn’t exist, we couldn’t be sad. I’m going to go and hijack some dictionaries. One day I shall write the LaWeeez dictionary of acceptable words and hope it outsells the OED. 8 years ago


who is making me very happy at the moment, didn’t want anyone to be sad. I didn’t know that, he’s got such a bad reputation!

On the back of my copy it says “his chief purpose in writing was to restore the quality of any individual’s life”

well. He’s certainly restoring the quality of mine (well hot water and heating help too). 8 years ago

laweeezdoing really well on this

am desperately trying to see the good in all experiences. But it’s shite really. This lack of heating / hot water business. On an every day basis. It just reminds you how basic some things are. I mean, how low can you go in terms of civilization? Yes, I know, MUCH lower. I just can’t seem to find anyone that has done 20 days without it where there wasn’t a worthy sacrifice involved.

Maybe this is cosmic training for something; wish it would hurry up and unveil. Where is the lesson in this particular brand of suffering? 8 years ago

laweeezFirst 24 hours

of not being sad are successfully achieved. My teeth were so gritted together I will probably get lockjaw and die but…

Oh bloody hoorah for me. I’m proud of this. Self-pity shall not ever get me in its evil grip. Every time it starts I’ve been thinking about everyone’s 100 Good Things goals lists, and going through my own personal good things lists until it goes away.

Putting it off a little bit longer. Wonder if giving up smoking is like this? 8 years ago


8 years ago


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