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While in Spain, I plan to take a ferry to Morocco! I am hoping this will work out :) exploring two continents on one trip is quite an adventure! 11 months ago


AMAZING!!!! Absolutely the most exciting place I have ever traveled. Africa is my sixth continent!!!!!! 22 months ago

reachbrendaJust got tickets to Egypt!

I’m so excited!!!!!! I can’t believe this will be my sixth continent. I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity! Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe it! 2 years ago

Cora89Went to Burkina Faso

Did it through a study abroad program September- December. Highly recommend it! Look up FAVL: Friends of African Village Libraries. I volunteered there and it was an eye-opening, heart melting experience. 2 years ago


For a month over summer, I went away to Uganda with some friends trekking. It was totally worthwhile, if only to realise how much I love England, and showers.
It was the longest I’d spent away from home and I missed my family and boyfriend very much, but I think the experience was worth it. 3 years ago

Cora89lions and tigers and Giraffe's Oh My!

I have always wanted to go to Africa… lion king was a great motivator. I want to get away from civilized life, the only life I’ve ever known. 3 years ago


the trip is arranged i leave august 10th for 4 weeks in Tanzania. 3 years ago

koake one ticket to Uganda please!

soon i will take the plunge, i just need some people to come along. perhaps ill contact invisible children… 4 years ago

pearlearringsSettling In

I’ve been here a month now – time really flies. And it’s kind of frustrating to realise that I haven’t found a job I really like yet, or made some great friends yet and really enjoyed myself.

But I really feel like I understand how things work, how it ticks, and the complex issues that underpin everyday life. I certainly don’t think I am having a regular tourist experience. I just hope that I push this further and become happy here. 4 years ago

gilligan56travel the world with someone

I went to Africa when I was in the Navy in 1975. But things have changed quite a bit. Most cases for the worse and I’d like to see things more clearly. 4 years ago

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