Wish Robot Laurel Fan a Happy Birthday November 12


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joie de vivreHappy Birthday, Laurel

As I look over your goal list and completed goals, it appears that many have to do with being in high places – climbing mountains, seeing volcanoes, hiking the Enchantments. Other than swimming in a lake (and for all I know, it was an alpine lake), it appears that water is not in your consciousness.

So, I send you birthday greetings from the sea. Imagine the water lapping in, the roar of the surf, the smell of kelp drying in the sun, the cry of seagulls, and then maybe much higher, an eagle or osprey kettling overhead. Just a little bit of ocean, to contrast with all those lichen-covered crags and snow-capped peaks. 4 years ago

Joe GoldbergShould be easy

I’ll say it in person tomorrow at work :) 4 years ago


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