get a CAD certificate

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baileys_truffle13 to go

So Ive had two lessons and so far theyve gone really well, Im already well on my way to mastering 3D which is great in itself.

Everyones really nice too, so this should be a doodle … or more accurately, a spline. 4 years ago

baileys_truffleFirst day


I am a little anxious and a little excited. I hate starting things I’m not familiar with or in unfamiliar places which involve meeting unfamiliar people but Ive done it before and Ill have to do it again.

I guess Ill feel better once I get through tomorrow and know what the next few months will entail. Wish me luck! 4 years ago

baileys_truffleRoll on January

I’m enrolled on a CAD level 3 course. I can’t wait. Technically I won’t get the certificate till I complete the course in May but hopefully it will back up my experience and I can complete my goal to get my ideal job! 4 years ago


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