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Hello 23 months ago

jacko92i want

i want to learn how to graffiti 4 years ago

Sandra1992i want

I wanna learn to draw graffiti 4 years ago


what to laner to griffet 5 years ago

qnzhustla93LeArN graffiti

i waana learn 5 years ago


njasbdhbasbdhagsk 5 years ago


I’m prety good on drawing…..but I like graff a lot and i want 2 learn this art.hope i can make it 5 years ago


I love tagging but I’m horrible at it does any one have some pointers? I use silver mostly I’m known for it. 5 years ago


Hey whats up ppl.. 5 years ago

peleekcvangim not a pro

i love to tag but im not very good at it. 6 years ago

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