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learn to play guitar

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view_from_nowhenThe first song I'd love to play is...

Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May”. I’m in love with that song! 1 month ago


I’ll do this before graduating and I’ll accomplish it by practicing guitar 2 months ago

Gertieloss and inspiration

my friend Lesley died on Sunday.

This was wholly unexpected and days later I still feel, well hell I’m actually trying to NOT feel, if I’m being honest. There is so much swirling around in my head and my usual coping mechanisms are failing. So, I tried a little retail therapy.

I’ve been wanting to learn to play for over 30 years. I’ve had this goal on here since 2005. I shouldn’t wait for someday anymore, because someday just might not ever come.

This one’s for you, Lesley. I miss you. 3 months ago


Next focus on chord changing 3 months ago

teephunkHouse of the rising sun

Try and get 5 hours of practice this week 3 months ago

mimic_wI went out, and bought a guitar, to practice on.

Tuning a guitar, ... Now I know why singers have so many words, because it can drive you nuts. 4 months ago


So I went to my buddies and He let me try rocksmith. I must admit if you’d like to play guitar I find it to be easy to learn this way. Now, he admitted to having a cheap guitar and it seemed to work a bit less than par but I had fun anyways. Perhaps something to consider in the near future. 4 months ago

Craig OrrI do already play guitar

But I seriously need to improve on my playing. 5 months ago


I’m dedicated to buying a new guitar this month, I have it on my list. Now I only hope that I will do exactly that.

It’s nice to play until your fingers hurt, making up mock melodies. I can’t play fer sh*t, but I like imagining that I could. Ol’ campfire in a dark forest playing camping songs. Or just plain old jamming Pink Floyd or Nirvana songs.

I have the Pink Floyd – The Wall guitar book. But I can’t really read the scales, or notes… Any tips on learning these are welcome. 6 months ago

jknaupWaiting for the drive......

I’ve got a good guitar. It’s tuned and I can tune it. I know this is going to be part of my life so I keep holding on until the drive pulls my heart to make it a habit to learn. 8 months ago

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