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earn a passive income

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Dulicineapassive income

may be an upside idea – by ecomonising 5 years ago

DulicineaPassive Income

I have never had any interest or understanding about money

so if i wish for this the wishing will have to help me acieve this goal as I have not got a clue how I could – so why is a goal?

Maybe ecause it would give me more time to achieve my other goals

maybe I should just make more use of the free time that I do have

Like see if there are any goals I can work on this afternoon

I may pick some blackberries and make some blackberry and apple pies for the frezzer but that is not passive. 5 years ago


Maybe 5 years ago

DulicineaPassive income

Don’t know how to do this either 5 years ago

alittlegrubiDisliking my job

Disliking my job is giving me more desire to getr this one up and running.
I need to find that illusive property 7 years ago

alittlegrubiNo time to make the money

I so need to have more disposable income than I currently do and I don’t want to have to take any more time away from my other priorities in life – family, rest and play that I NEED to get a passive income.
I’m not a big risk taker so investing in shares etc is difficult for me to get into as I love the idea of making money but cant stand the idea of the potential to loose it just as easily. And it takes time to make the right decisions if you play the stock market. So I’m looking at commercial property investments. Lets hope it works. 7 years ago


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