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watch casablanca from beginning to end

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SegueHave I seen it?

I don’t remember if I’ve actually seen Casablanca, but if I have it was many years ago. There are always cultural references to such epics, and I think it’s the kind of film I’d enjoy. Two v good reasons for watching it! 3 years ago


mnbvcxzcvb 6 years ago


It’s worth watching just to get the various cultural references made about this movie. 8 years ago

NielWe'll meet again.

A very good movie, classical in every respect. I really wouldn’t mind seeing it again, this time with company. 8 years ago


One of my all time favorites! Humphery Bogart is awesome.

“here’s looking at you, kid.” 8 years ago

msspiderMany times

The first time I saw Casablanca was during a film class in high school. I fell in love with it. The last time I watched it was a few weeks ago. It was the best time I have had watching in. I guess it was the person what was watching it with me. 8 years ago

milkbox 2.0!well, sam...

I finally got around to doing this after all these years of always dozing off somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t particularly blown away, but just the fact that I didn’t fall asleep this time around was enough of an achievement, I suppose.

Still worth doing, if only to get it over and done with. 8 years ago

cat_herderwatch casablanca from beginning to end

I’ve done this many times. :) 9 years ago


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