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Freshly_PickedJoan of Arcadia

I do not remember when I finished doing this. All I know is I have watched it from the first season and first episode to the last. Just wish they did not stop airing it on television when I was in high school. I loved Joan of Arcadia and really enjoy the music that is played in it as well. I enjoy reading fan-fiction of Joan of Arcadia too. Some times it was on at the same time as Gilmore Girls and I had to pick which one to watch. Picked Joan of Arcadia because know Gilmore Girls usually replayed another time later on one day. 2 years ago


hoooi 5 years ago

SkipToTheEndFinally watched

the last episode, bit annoying as i felt that they had presumed they were getting another series, so there are a lot of cliffhangers and it seems unfinished – worth watching tho 6 years ago


I actually want to watch the entire second series (cannot find the first ANYWHERE), I think I’m on something like episode 8 at the moment – It’s so addictive! 6 years ago

cinnamonbrandy8talking to Him/ Her/ iT/ tHEM....

Joan tackles the big questions – and gives contradictory answers.

Gotta love her… after all, He/ She/ iT/ tHEY do… 7 years ago

cherish84love this show

unfortunately they canceled this show. but the first season is out and now im starting to get my friend addicted to it too. this is such a worth while show, i love it so much. i can’t believe they canceled it just as soon as it was getting really good. 8 years ago

starkicker10I have been told many times..

that this show is good. Therefore, I need to at least sit down and watch it once! Anyone know what time it is on and what station? 8 years ago


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