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Anthony RaymentTo buy a human immortal soul via signed contract, visit DevilsMerchant.com.

If you’re seriously interested in the purchase of a human soul with a signed contract, go to www.devilsmerchant.com.

They have an inventory of acquired human souls for sale. 2 years ago

SoulScouterBuying: Souls

I have contracts ready! I just need to use them! 3 years ago

kim_min_hwanBuying souls..

Sounds fun..i’ve never tried it b4….Who knows when u’ll need a spare one…. 5 years ago

TriiskGive me your Souls!!!!!

I got multible people to sign a contract giving me property of their souls..
I own at
least 50
something souls.

Someone sold me their soul for a seat on the bus. 5 years ago


i bought my friends soul for 10 cents and a fake inmate card … yay. 6 years ago

HenrixonAn extra soul

I bought one of my friends soul some months ago. You never know when you´ll need an extra soul. This is probably one of the best affairs I´ve ever done. 7 years ago

camille with no capital letterlet's say

it’s done.. sold mine a few weeks ago.. didnt like it and bought it back after that 7 years ago

camille with no capital letterUntitled

I sold mine.. for a coat hanger.. well.. got to find one to replace it.. need a fair soul.. nice one.. 7 years ago


heres the deal..ill set up the person to sell there soul with a binding contract then sell it to someone on here for just a slightly higher price, make a buck on it 7 years ago

Infernal_DemonJust tell me how

You show me the papers and hand me the pen, Ill show you a sighned document for your soul. 7 years ago

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