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Set aside a fixed amount each month (in a savings account) 12 months ago


Stop eating out and shopping online. Complete goal by: End of the week. 13 months ago


I kinda broke into my savings a little and bought clothes!!! Curse cute clothes!!! 13 months ago


I am doing this right now to go on a mission(another goal) but it is kind of hard when I don’t have a job. 17 months ago


I am trying to do this right now. Every time I spend money I want to write it down to know where my money is going. BUDGET!!! 2 years ago


Working today. And everyday but Sunday. Pressing on till I get it done. 2 years ago

Sam Fourgeaudentry

Plutot mourir que d’arreter de faire du song de brute
Plutot mourir que d’avoir honte de dire que j’aime les femmes

Sur cette photo on dirait bien charles G. Sur la même moto que stewart … 3 years ago

peaceloveandteai cant

i want every clothing item and makeup goin :( i always buy stuff HELP3 years ago

Sarena37Getting better

I got paid on the 5th of nov. It’s the 15th today and I still have $257 of my $360 paycheck. I’m getting paid this friday in the 19th. I’m really excited that I didn’t spend all of it. I think i might open another savings account at my bank. Every time I get paid, I’ll put into the separate account, all of the left over money from the paycheck before. I think this will help me save up money because I won’t be able to get at it as easily. 3 years ago

Sarena37Been better this time

I got paid on friday. Only spend $25 over the weekend. I bought a sweatshirt I liked on monday but returned it the next day because I decided I needed the money more. Oh! And I also made a $50 payment to my credit card =] 3 years ago

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