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visit london

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OH2TXMaybe more like May 2015...

We could not swing it this year… going to work on making this a reality for 2015! 2 days ago


Hopefully in the next year or two. I especially want to see Kew Gardens. 1 month ago


There are currently plans about me going to London in a month from now. I doubt they are going to happen, because SOMETHING will come up to fuck them up, but it’s still nice to plan about it :)
Please wish me luck, going to London has been a dream of mine for years! 6 months ago

SpatzAnd again no

It seems we have no luck with visiting London. We thought we’d stop in London on the last leg of the Ireland trip, but we’re out of luck again this time.

I hope it’s still going to be 2013 when we finally get to London.

The long list of things I want to see and do – and all the friends to be I want wo meet – will hopefully wait for us! 9 months ago

Miguel GutierrezI would love to visit London

I would love to visit London and even live there for sevveral months at least. 10 months ago

xxbunnytraxwoo hoo!

Less than a month away. Does it constitute as cheating when you add a goal you know you’re going to accomplish? haha 11 months ago

Spatz2013, yes - May, no

It seems we’ll have to postpone our visit to London for a few months.
The flights didn’t work out and everything is booked solid for the vacation days we get.
I’m sad, I was so looking forward to seeing London in spring – and meet with 43T friends.

But we’ll be coming to London in summer. And this time we’ll book the flights as soon as possible.

So, we’ll be spending 2.5 days in Copenhagen instead12 months ago

Spatz2013 is the year!

We’ll be visiting London on a weekend trip soon! A few weeks and we will be there!

Now we need to compare flight schedules, find a nice hotel – central and wonderful – and make a long list of things to see and do!

Exciting! I’m looking forward to finally seeing London! 12 months ago

sdreiskeI had a blast!

London is a super fun city. Go! 14 months ago

SpatzTravel goals

One more year passed and I didn’t visit London. Perhaps 2013 is going to be the year?
I’ll keep all my travel goals, and we’ll see where we go this year! 15 months ago

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