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Have a fun, sexy, sensual, sinfully good time at Frolicon 2010


Entries from everyone

TarradorThe Three S's

Having given more consideration to my Frolicon weekend, I can say that I met and fulfilled this goal as I planned. More so, even. I keep a vision board and try to update it regularly. With some new goals and the new month, I shuffled some stuff around and replaced others. I observed that I had put a lot of intention towards this past weekend. I realize I got a lot of what I had asked for, even the things I wasn’t aware I was asking for. I kept a fortune from my fortune cookie the week before which said “Five will be your lucky number this week”(and it was). I knew I wanted “A”, but I didn’t say that I would take this particular action, or pursue that specific course. When I got “A” or “B”, it was through a path I had not planned at all, and only by looking back could I see the steps that took me there. I’ve always had trouble with the concept that we should set our intentions, then get out of our own ways. I have often tried to force a resolution along a route I chose, and got frustrated when it ran off tracks. This year I have learned more about setting a strong intention, remaining open to opportunity, and accepting that my way may not be the best or only way. Maybe that belongs under a different goal, but it served me well on this one.

It was a Sexy weekend. The atmosphere was super charged with corporal energies. You could feel it on the elevators, walking the halls, gathering on the outdoor patio. Sex and sexuality were the themes. Nothing appeared off limits, nothing appeared out of the norm. There was a good deal of drunken frat house behavior, mostly from the younger men. But amongst the older crowds there was a sobriety of attitude that worked to sharpen the sexual senses.

It was Sensual. There was plenty of nakedness, barefootedness, hugging, kissing, fondling, nibbling and smiling. Everyone was free to express themselves in the manner that suited them the most. There were areas where a dress code was appropriate, and areas where there was no dress code, where the more naked you were, the more natural you felt. And in a media-driven society where all the focus is on youth, beauty and slim, firm bodies, it was a relief to see that everyone was comfortable. Age, weight, body shape, gender identity, sexual preferences were all accomodated under one shelter of acceptance. You could be a tall, tanned, slim, blond, knockout female strolling around in a leather g-string and fuck-me heels, or you could be a short, balding, beer-bellied guy with graying sideburns… and be strolling around in a leather g-string and fuck-me heels. Single, married, straight, gay, transgender, fetish this, fancy that… there was no one to judge you or condemn you. There’s a song that goes: ♬ “The freaks come out at night…” ♬. We all have many sides to ourselves, some we rarely or never show. Some we hide under layers of shame and guilt. It was sensually good to have a weekend where such things were not restricted to the dark, not called freakish or immoral.

And it was Sinful. Full of sin. Not the propoganda sin foisted by religious hardliners, not the disobedience to God sin. Not the “deadly” sin that damns someone. These were the “venial” sins, the sins of Living. Enjoying food, sex and carnality, drink, play and frivolity. These are not the sins on a par with hate-crimes and murders, rape, domestic abuse, theft from the poor, cruelty to animals, the plunder of the environment for fiscal profit, the deception of consumers to promote a harmful product, harming children or doing wicked things under the banner of piety and holiness. There are some people who would say that I should attone for my sins this weekend, that I have fallen from grace and need to seek forgiveness from a divine source. But I don’t feel the need to repent or apologize or explain.

And I think that is, in part, the point of Frolicon. 4 years ago

TarradorOne Wild Weekend

Still processing most of the weekend. I can say without reservation it was all I expected, and more than I expected. We met some really great people and some really weird people (weird being a relative concept, you understand). We delved into things before unexplored by us as a couple. We lived, we loved, we learned. We dared. We double dared…

There is an urge to spill all the beans, recount the whole weekend in all it’s amazing and tantalizing glory. But it is now Monday and I have returned to the real world and wisdom needs temper enthusiasm. I will not tell all, not yet, anyway.

We did have fun: We learned swing dance and went to a salsa dance off. We jumped around like idiots at the Rocky Horror Picture Show (half of it, anyway. Can you guess why we didn’t stay until the end?). S. got caught in a sex triva contest and entered in a creampie eating contest. We responded to some of the oddest and most interesting “wish list” posting. We learned why goggles alone don’t make it Steampunk. We shopped and updated our arsenal of “marital aids”. We signed up for a polyamorous speed dating game, and changed our stories with each new person or couple we sat down with. We were Mormons looking for a new second sister-wife… we needed more recruits for the commune to grow weed and organic tomatoes… we had no place to live and no means to pay rent and needed to crash with someone… we needed someone to do the housework and look after the kids since the last au pair agency cut us off… We played Naked Twister (okay, only I played and only one person of the six was naked {no, not me}). I submitted to no less than ten kilt checks by women wanting to be sure I was wearing a kilt and not a skirt (I think the gentlemen know where that line is drawn). I swam in the pool and frolicked in the hot tub. We didn’t think about work one time. We had a lot of fun, which we both have been needing to do.

I created the logo above, but never got it onto anything like a cup or t-shirt. Maybe next year.4 years ago

TarradorAll Frolic's Eve

Ahhh, Frolicon is upon us. Abbreviated work day tomorrow (if all goes as planned) and onto the first parties. There will be work on Friday, so we will come home Thursday night, but Friday and Saturday we plan overnight hotel stays of unparalled debauchary. Well, maybe not that far, but definetely fun, sexy, sensual, and sinful. S. has never seen RHPS and for me it may have been well on twenty years. She has no interest but I may not be able to resist (“It’s just a jump to the left!”). I want to do it right even if it is our first time, and I wish I knew somebody who was going to be there (okay, maybe it’s better I don’t). I feel fettered after the long, cold, dark and bitter winter (in many areas of my life) and I am ready for spring, warmth, renewal, and some unbridaling.

As for those people at that place where I go, suffer and get a check… they don’t know where I will be, but they know I won’t be answering the phone.

Frolic – On 4 years ago

TarradorThree Weeks To Go

At Frolicon ‘10, there promises to be lots of fun, sexy, sensual, sinfully good things to do and see.

  • Fun: A “Pants Off Dance Off”, a Betty Paige Look-A-Like contest, and a Virgin Sacrifice.
  • Sexy: The Dark Room Party – a nightscape of anonymous touches and unnamed thrills, poly speed dating, and a “Coffee, Tea, or Me?” swinging 60’s stewardess party.
  • Sensual: Erotic Waxing 101, partner massage techniques, sex and chakras.
  • Sinful: The Dungeon, single tails basics, most spankable ass contest, and Dom/Clergy dress up.
  • Good time: Rocky Horror Screening, best cocktail recipe contest, charity strip poker, and lots of meeting new and (hopefully) interesting people. 4 years ago

Tarrador35 Days And Counting (With Crossed Fingers)

This will be our first visit to Frolicon, an adult science-fiction convention held every Easter weekend in Atlanta. Emphasis on “adult”. While not quite a hedonistic free-for-all, they do say that Frolicon is about frolicing spring-style. “Think virgin sacrifices, live-action candyland, drag queens, art, spanking, sex, massages, pagan rituals, and parties, lots and lots of parties!!” Their home page links to many of the events, seminars, parties, bands and shows that will be happening that weekend. We age getting more and more excited as time draws near.

Or is it anxiety? Fiscal concerns, time crunches, the ever-present possibility I will have to work on an evening when I should be “frolicing”... It’s like watching the boat pull away from the warf, and you know it is going someplace great like Hawaii or Bali or the Greek Islands, and you are on the dock cleaning fish. Anymore I hate… hate to see opportunities to do the things I want to do slip away so I can meet some employment responsibility. Fiscals happen, and I can deal with that and adjust our plans to accomidate those factors. But having this job potentially butt-in on every aspect of my life is getting tiresome.

Anyway, it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I hope we get a chance to have a broad experience of everything this convention has to offer. 4 years ago


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