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jenlyn114Continued efforts of course.

It is really amazing to being to understand the Love of Christ and to walk in it – although this is a goal that will be a daily achievement for the rest of my life i am marking it done because I have way too many goals on my list and I have been practicing this for a while now. One thing i would say that helps ALOT is to have understanding for the people around you – when you are in traffic and someone cuts you off and you want to swear at them - put yourself in their shoes – maybe they are on the way to a hospital because a loved one is hurt or something like that – you never know what someone else is going through – maybe the clerk at the store has just found out they have a disease or they just lost their home or something and that is why they arent so attentive or joyful towards you - when I began to try and have understanding for the people I pass everyday my heart broke with love for them and I found myself going that extra mile to show kindness and gererosity even to those who didnt seem receptive to it. This concept truly has changed my life and the way i operate everyday. 8 years ago

jenlyn1141 John

I have been doing a deep study of the book of 1 John and it has really opened my eyes to understanding Christ’s love for us all - and how he commands us to love like he does - uncondtionally—8 years ago


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