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mrsschapiroEditing and revising...

That is not a fun part, especially when I realize I have to modify several things in order for one scene to make sense or worse: I have to delete it completely and rewrite something else – it is so hard to get rid of something that I imagined vividly – but once properly edited, revised and polished, it flows much better. 3 months ago


I wanted to be a writer since I was small, and after reading my previous posts on this goal, I see the patterns being repeated over and over, such as procrastination.

Well, this is a new year and last year I posted that I would be published. I was not and I also did not write much last year, perhaps a couple ideas here and there that I would jot down and then forget about it for several months.

But this year is different, for I feel like I wasted enough of my time playing around. I am getting published this year, and I will also be published in magazines, just to be able to say I did it. 3 months ago

mrsschapiroFound gems buried in my flash drive

It is delicious to read stories I have written such a long time ago. Revisiting those, I wondered, why did I stop? Where did my creativity and inspiration go? Why didn’t I continue? There was something I was trying to achieve when I started those stories, but I did not write any instructions to my future self, and now I am left wondering what to do with them, besides editing and continuing the story.

I was very excited when I found them and I want to finish them.

I think I found my golden manuscript, the key to the publishing world and literary success. 5 months ago


I have around 20 chapters of a fanfiction now… I think I’m leaning more toward manga than books now though. I like manga a lot and I would like the idea of combining art and literature (two of my favorite things) and I already have a story planned out for that. On my way, I guess. 5 months ago

mrsschapiroTo be completed this year

I will publish an ebook because I am unsure what genre is the manuscript I am working on, but I still have children’s books that I plan to publish, and those will be done the traditional way.
I have been very excited about that specific story than writing for kids, that’s why I am taking a break from that.

Once this one is done and published, I will seek an agent for my children’s books. I will have a higher chance to get published if I find one than on my own. I have tried that route already and it did not bring me any luck. 6 months ago


I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year to try and write out an idea I’ve had for quite some time. I have my plot, my characters and stuff all prepared, I have a network of people at the ready and I’m going to really do it this year! I’m very determined :) 6 months ago

HistoryDudeI actually have an offer. When is it "perfect enough?"

The story has been sitting on the back burner for years. I sometimes take it out of the box, add new bits, pieces, and images that were always waiting to be teased out. Last year I hired representation, as I honestly wasn’t sure I could get a manuscript read by a publisher on my own.

On Friday I received a response indicating a great deal of interest. Yesterday I picked the story apart again and wondered what they saw in it. The conundrum is this: Take the offer and publish what I know to be an imperfect product, or continue to tweak the product until I believe it to be perfect?

That said—will it ever be “perfect enough”…?

I need to find where that bar is set. 6 months ago

mrsschapiroQuotes on writing

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
― Henry David Thoreau 6 months ago

lesliephaIf I lost weight, I can definitely do this!!!

Hi everyone,
I am currently editing my teen romance novel but in the past two weeks I have managed to create my own website promoting my book and also a Facebook page, so publishers will more likely take me on if I get enough Likes. Please drop by and support me, so we can all accomplish our dreams together. My website includes a chapter sample so you can get a feel for what my novel’s about and so much more! And don’t forget to pass on the love. Thanks_

Website: ldpha.com
Facebook page: L.D. Pha 7 months ago


Hard part is over, right?! :P 9 months ago

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